Turn of Vietnam, Japan Edu Model

 Vietnam will adopt the methods used at Japan’s technical colleges.They held a symposium in Hanoi for about 200 people, including Vietnamese government officials and school operators.

The president of Japan’s National Institute of Technology, Isao Taniguchi, said technical schools helped Japan to achieve rapid economic growth.

He called for Japanese-style technical colleges to be established in Vietnam to further develop the country’s industries.

Vietnam’s economy has had an annual growth rate of more than 6 percent in recent years. More than 1,700 Japanese companies are operating there.

Improving the technical skills of Vietnam’s workers will be important for future economic growth.

Japanese officials plan to dispatch instructors to help Vietnamese technical colleges introduce a Japanese-style curriculum.

Students at technical colleges in Japan study engineering, information technology, electronics, biotechnology, and other practical fields for 5 years from the age of 15. After graduating, they can continue their studies or begin working as engineers.

Thailand and Mongolia have adopted similar systems for technical training.

Even in Indian state of  Gujarat has marked the end of a groundbreaking international training course.

Japan style of education in field of manufacturing  250 students attended a certification ceremony on Wednesday at a manufacturing school in Mehsana founded by the Indian unit of Japanese carmaker Suzuki.

The school offers the year-long course as part of the Japan-India Institute for Manufacturing, or JIM.

Under a 2016 agreement, major Japanese firms, including automaker Toyota, opened 5 manufacturing schools in India.

Since last year, students have been learning essential industrial techniques as well as the Japanese approach to manufacturing.

Maruti Suzuki India’s Managing Director & CEO, Kenichi Ayukawa, said the skills and training the participants received will allow them to join the manufacturing industry with confidence and contribute to growth.

A student said that the course gave him hope for the future. He says he wants to get a good job and use the skills he learned to become a leader in the workplace.

The system will train as many as 30,000 people over the next decade in a bid to secure the skilled workers needed as the Indian economy continues to grow.

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