Thai Cave Rescue Mission operations underway with mini-sub

A mini-sub made using Space X technology is on its way to help rescue the remaining boys and their coach who have been trapped in a cave in Thailand since June 2.

Thai Cave Rescue Mission operation  underway to free remaining  boys and their coach of a football team trapped in a flooded cave entered second day today.
Thailand PM is also expected to arrive at site, : “The Australian foreign minister Julie Bishop said in a TV interview on Monday morning she believed the boys would be brought out in groups of four, meaning at least two more operations….”
Four boys were brought safely out of the cave on Sunday. But, the mission was paused overnight for air tanks to be replaced.
Rescuers decided to go ahead with the hazardous operation because of fears of rising waters. The group have been trapped in the cave since 23rd of last month.
Weather forecasters said heavy rain could hit the area today and continue through the week.

Thai cave rescue:As rescue operations are suspended overnight, we take a quick look back at Sunday’s events:The mission began at 10:00 local time on Sunday (03:00 GMT)
The first boy emerged from the cave at 17:40 local time
In total, four boys have been taken to hospital in Chiang Rai
The rescued boys, who were escorted out by 13 foreign divers and five members of Thailand’s elite navy SEAL unit, are in good health
The operation was paused just before 21:00 local time (14:00 GMT) and will resume on Monday

Authorities have warned that the rain could re-flood crucial parts of the cave complex that have been drained and make the escape route harder or even impossible to navigate.
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha is scheduled to visit the cave site on Monday.

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