“4th IPSE Awards 2018″



Calling “Your Goodself” as “Special Invitee” to the “PSE Conclave 2018” concurrent with “4th IPSE Awards 2018 – INDIA Public Sector Enterprises Awards for Excellence” : Inspired by Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Vision & Theme “Jai JAWAN, Jai KISAN” and expanded to PSE Conclave & IPSE Awards’ Theme : “Jai JAWAN, Jai KISAN, Jai VIGYAN, Jai INSAAN” for “A Self Reliant INDIA”


11th July 2018

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Sub. :  Calling “Your Goodself” as “Special Invitee” to the “PSE Conclave 2018” concurrent with “4th IPSE Awards 2018 – INDIA Public Sector Enterprises Awards for Excellence” : Inspired by Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri’s Vision & Theme “Jai JAWAN, Jai KISAN” and expanded to PSE Conclave & IPSE Awards’ Theme : “Jai JAWAN, Jai KISAN, Jai VIGYAN, Jai INSAAN” for “A Self Reliant INDIA”
Venue  :              SCOPE Convention Centre – “Tagore Chambers”, Core No. 8, SCOPE Complex, 7 Lodi Road, New Delhi
Date      :              Wednesday, 18th July 2018
Time     :              10.30 am – 2.00 pm – followed by Lunch

GREETINGS to “Your Goodself” from  “PSE Journal – INDIA’s Premier & Pioneering International Review for Public Sector Enterprises  institutor of the “IPSE Awards – INDIA Public Sector Enterprises Awards for Excellence, its Publishing Venture, “MARS Media Resources (MMR) – A Women Enterprise Venture for Androgynous Growth of Indian Economy & Enterprise and the non-profit mother organization “ENERTIA Foundation”.

This Year’s THEME for “PSE Conclave 2018” is the focus on following :
–  INDIA’s Infrastructure build-up and critical role of PSE’s.
–  Special Focus – Power Sector (Coal based Thermal Power, Ultra Mega SuperCritical – The Main Stay + Lignite based Power Generation)
–  (+)  Core Sector Focus – Mining, Minerals & Earth Resources –Oil & Gas, Hydrates etc.
–  PSE Dis-investment & Divestments – The Pros & Cons
–  Environment (includes Clean & Green Development), Innovation & Research

IPSE Awards are instituted by “PSE Journal” in Association withENERTIA Foundation for the purpose of “Recognizing India’s PSE Excellence in Core Economy Sector & Contribution to Nation’s GDP” covering PSE Excellence in various Sectors – Center & States as well as Rewarding Best PSE Investment State(s) &Individual Excellence in PSE Leadership.

The BROCHURE for “PSE Conclave 2018” being held concurrent with “4th IPSE Awards 2018” with In-Retrospect Background of these Prestigious “IPSE Awards” held in previous editions is attached / enclosed herewith for your ready reference.

The Undersigned as the “Jury Convenor” on behalf of “Chairman, Co-Chairmen & Eminent Members of the Jury”, desire and wish that “Your Goodself” joins us as the “Special Invitee” at the “PSE Conclave 2018” and the Prestigious “4th IPSE Awards 2018 – INDIA Public Sector Enterprises Awards for Excellence” being heldconcurrently at SCOPE Convention Centre – “Tagore Chambers”,Core No. 8, SCOPE Complex, 7 Lodi Road, New Delhi onWednesday, 18th July 2018 (10.30 am – 2.00 pm – followed by Lunch)

Shri R N Khazanchi, Hon. Druk Thuksey (Highest Civilian Honour of Bhutan, and accorded to select Indian Citizen Officers of repute serving Royal Government of Bhutan) & Former Managing Director, Punatsanchu Hydroelectric Projects Authority (PHPA), Bhutan, will be receiving the Prestigious “IPSE LIFE-TIME ACHIEVEMENT Award”(Shri R N Khazanchi has also been the Winner of the Prestigious ENERTIA Awards for SAARC Region inNovember 2012, post which he received the Honour of Druk Thuksey in Bhutan in December 2012).

Smt. Neera Shastri,  Youngest Daughter-in-Law of Former PM, Bharat Ratna, Late Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri ji and Former Member of the National Backward Caste Commission ; Eminent Social Activists – Women Empowerment in India ; Ex-VP & Member of National Executive of BJP and Dr. U. D. Choubey, Director GeneralSCOPE (Standing Conference of Public Enterprises) will be the “Presiding Guest(s) of Honour”.

The newly elected President of SGCCI (The Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry), Shri Hetal Mehta, who is also the Eminent Member of the Jury of IPSE Awards, will be joining us for the day’s proceedings.

With Warm Regards & Best Wishes,


R. Thiagarajan Iyer
Jury Convenor – 4th IPSE Awards 2018
Editorial DirectorPSE Journal, MARS Media Resources
Hon. Director, CSR, ENERTIA Foundation

M : +91 – 75887 13573
E : psejournal@gmail.com ; marsmediaresources@gmail.com
For & On Behalf of :
Prof. A. G. Iyer
Chairman of the Jury – IPSE Awards
Editor-in-Chief – PSE Journal, MARS Media Resources
Editor-in-Chief & Founder PublisherENERTIA & MARKENOMY
President & Chief Trustee, ENERTIA Foundation
President, MARKENOMY Foundation, ASMEI (Alliance for SMEs of INDIA) &
REPA (Renewable Energy Promotion Association)
Author : “ATAL-SHASTRA”, “INDIA BRANDished – SuperPowering Brand INDIA” &
M : +91 92232 07245 / 90290 07245
E : ipseawards@gmail.com ; enertiafoundation@gmail.com;

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