Women Transforming India Awards

The nominations for the third edition of the Women Transforming India Awards were opened on March 8, 2018 on the occasion of International Women’s Day and concomitant with the launch of NITI’s Women Entrepreneurship Platform (WEP)by Amitabh Kant, CEO, NITI Aayog.
The Awards this year focus on ‘Women and Entrepreneurship’, a concept which has seldom taken root in national discourse, the WTI Awards this year aims to go beyond recognizing women who are catalyzing change in their communities, please find the flyer attached with the mail.
NITI’s flagship event, which it organises in partnership with the United Nations, will also see the collaboration of DICE Districts this year.
Achieving gender equality and empowerment rests upon unlocking the full potential of women. The Women Transforming India Awards invites stories of exceptional women entrepreneurs, who are breaking the glass ceiling and challenging stereotypes through businesses, enterprises, and initiatives that:
-Provide innovative solutions to address key development challenges and/or,
-Impact communities
Nominations can be filed on behalf of individuals or by the individual themselves on https://wep.gov.in. Alternatively, give a missed call +91-7042648877.
The deadline for applying for the same is JULY 31st, 2018
Over the years, the Women Transforming India campaign has received an overwhelming response and has recognised women who are breaking new ground every day, and making a difference in the lives of countless others through sheer grit, determination and courage. This year’s awards, with its focus on women entrepreneurship and set within the enabling framework of the newly launched WEP under NITI Aayog, aspires to recognise, award, and encourage those who are not only leaders of their trade, but are leading a youthful generation towards a New India.
We encourage you to apply and spread a word about the same in your network.
Sheetal Bhati
Intern, Women Entrepreneurship Platform
NITI Aayog

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