VHP: Commission of Inquiry malpractices in Church


Set up an enquiry commission against the wrong-doings of church & make anti-conversion law: VHP

New Delhi, July 11, 2018: The VHP today said that the church and so-called services offered by the church have become places of religious conversions and other unlawful & unethical activities. Despite the fact that these unlawful activities have been unearthed many times, yet, owing to Mother Teresa’s false saintly charisma and deep penetration of church in the administration, the church has been getting away with its crimes. But now, we have a long list of the crimes committed by the church, challenging all the yardsticks of basic humanity. Dr Surendra Jain, VHP Joint General Secretary has called for the setting up of an enquiry commission to investigate the church pastors & the organisations run by them and enact an anti-conversion law. Dr Jain also called for the end of religious conversions through religious tours, to put a check on religious preachings by foreigner tourists. He also called for end of exploitation of children and nuns by the pastors in the so-called orphanages run by the churches.

The sexual exploitation, child trafficking and exposure of other illegal activities in the “Nirmal Hriday” established by Mother Teresa in Ranchi is a blot on humanity. Girls of the ashram were being sexually exploited and their children sold off. Some 280 children have disappeared from this ‘ashram’ alone. These children would be declared dead but later it would be found that they had been sold off. A complaint against the nefarious activities of this ashram was lodged even earlier but the officer carrying out the investigation was falsely implicated in a case of molestation and put under suspension. The VHP suspects that other so called ashrams established by Mother Teresa also could be involved in such nefarious and illegal activities.

The stories of sexual crimes by the pastors against the nuns and orphans keep doing the rounds from all over the world, so much so that even the Vatican has not remained untouched by it. In the last few years, India has seen an unprecedented increase in such crimes by the pastors. Only a few days ago, a nun had accused five pastors of sexually exploiting her for many years. This nun was being blackmailed and exploited after she confessed about her pre-marital relations in the ‘confession box’ of church. The victims complaints were regularly been ignored by higher authorities of the church. Some victim nuns have even committed suicide.

VHP calls upon the union government to:

1) A retired judge of the Supreme Court should chair a commission on the same lines as the Niyogi Commission which could enquire into the misdoings of the Mother Teresa and the institutes set up by other missionaries. It should carry out an extensive investigation with regard to their foreign funding, relations with terrorist organisations, hate literature against the Hindus, exploitation of nuns and children and child-trafficking.

  The Enquiry Commission’s field of investigation should include investigations into murders of Hindu saints as the church has been under suspicion for such activities. There have been allegations of illegal religious conversions and creating social disharmony against the church. The Tuticorin violence was also inspired by the church, it is alleged.

2) An religious freedom ordinance must be brought to stop illegal religious conversions, such demamds have been made by some commissions and the Hindu society since a long.

3) Foreign tourists coming to India on tourist visas but indulging in religious conversion and propaganda should be dealt strictly with the law and their visas cancelled.

Issued by

Vinod Bansal

(National Spokesman)

Vishwa Hindu Parishad

@vinod_bansal M 9810949109

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