Clean Air & Water


India Could Have WON NOBEL PRIZE For Clean Air & Water

July14, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh


Indian government missed Chief Technical Officer to guide the nation in matters of Technology & Development Programs but hindered Inventing & Creation of Technologies desired by India by Crippling India Patent Office. Food Processing to have reduced 75% of GHG Cooking Emissions.

I had invented Energy Saving, Water, Solar & Energy Efficiency Technologies since 1975 & 1978 Critical for India but unfortunately – India doesn’t have Manufacturing Program to Support Inventions Critical for India’s Progress. CSIR & TERI in 40+ yrs couldn’t Develop a Commercial Kerosene/Gas Stove or Irrigation Technology for India depend on Israel.

Multi-Purpose Hydro Power [200,000 MW in Himalayas alone] is the best option to ensure Clean Air and Water Supply and also Moderate and Purify Water was neglected since Suresh Prabhu introduced ‘River Linking’ & ‘Check Dams’ – derailed Hydro Power development in India.

Glacial & Rain Water flowing in Himalayas which is purest is not being stored in Himalayas as New Storage Projects and Even ROR Projects are ‘Forbidden’ by wrong policies driven by Bogus NGOs. J&K, HP, & UK+NE have over 2×60,000 MW of yet to be developed Hydro Power Nepal alone has 80,000 MW Hydro Potential which may be developed by China – who shall control & Operate Hydro Projects if India neglects to Develop Hydro Power in Common Rivers or Ganga & Its Tributaries.  Power CLEAN Energy to North, East & North East India. Coal Producing states may depend on Coal for Power Generation.

Nuclear Power contribution is barely 3% – current generation of Light Water Reactors produce Four Times more ENERGY than CANDU reactors developed in India. India could have 100,000 MWe to supply energy to Western & Southern Regions.

India bungled up Offshore East Coast Oil & Gas Exploration & Production by Private Sector – Discovered only 13% Oil Reserves, Gas Reserves reported are 49% but Onshore Oil & Gas was mainly discovered by CAIRNS India, a Foreign Company and Offshore Production of RIL+ has dipped to 5,471 mmscm presently from peak of 27,293 mmscm.  Reluctantly GoI had handed over GSPC assets to ONGC – should takeover RIL Offshore Assets as well for Better Discovery & Production of Offshore Oil & Gas.

SolarPV, particularly Rooftop Solar are to be Deployed everywhere in India providing Practically Free Power in Comparative Sense – avoiding transmission lines, Coal Power Plants, Coal Mines, Rail Transport, Distribution & Grid Stations etc. Half of India is suitable for Wind Power.

But India largely favored Thermal Power – 2,22,906 MW March2018 [86,014 MW March2007] Plus Over 40,000 MW of Captives and 80,000 MW Standby Generators and Invertors. 85% to 90% Electricity Production is from Thermal origin in India. 1,36,892 MW+ Thermal Capacity in 11 years. Nuclear & Hydro Power additions were 2,880 MW and 10,640 MW in 10 Years. There was rapid growth in Solar & Wind Power Capacity additions – Contribute 6% of all generation.

Switched to Overhead Electric Buses, LNG Locos instead of Diesel for Railways.

India Could Have Won NOBEL PRIZE for Transformation into Clean Air & Water Country Rank Among The Cleanest – Avoided 2-3 Billion Tones of GHG Annually.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Y-77, Hauz Khas, ND -110016, India. Ph: 091- 8826415770, 9871056471, 9650421857

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