Tent collapses during PM’s Midnapore rally, 20 injured:

Tenterhook or caving during drizzle,made way of  makeshift tent, collapse during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in West Bengal’s Midnapore district today, injuring at least 20 people, a police official said.
The Shelter tent, an officials said, was erected next to the main entrance of the rally venue to shelter people from the rain. Many enthusiastic BJP supporters were seen crowding inside the tent during the rally. The prime minister could be heard asking them to be careful, officials said. According to officials, the prime minister saw the tent collapsing while he was in the middle of his speech.
He immediately instructed SPG personnel standing next to him to look after the people and attend to the injured.
The local BJP unit as well as Modi’s personal staff, including his doctor and SPG personnel, swung into action to help the injured, officials said.
Most of the injured have been admitted to hospital, an official said, adding that the number could rise.
 After addressing the rally, the PM went to the hospital to visit the injured.

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