INFOCOM 2018 Inaugural address



Artificial intelligence are creating more jobs with new technology not to be scared of,creating is order of the day.

Cyber security needs to be more important CISCO receive 30 bn attack which we combat each day.

Dr Dhan Singh Rawat Minister Uttrakhand of coop higher edu address need of digital in big way and is on way of total literate state.

Most of senior officer of Uttrakhand, Bihar and Jharkhand put up their best efforts for their smart states and the actions taken by the state government in order to garner growth but the growth needs to be coupled with higher skill with higher educations mostly in urban or smart cities and polytechnic engineering vovational institute need to be world class and an invitation of best of corporate to generate their business in each sate is quick-way forward this can be achieved with followings.

To develop  cluster of innovation for sectors
To calibrate cities strength is important ex. smart city Bhagalpuri in silk to do wonders.
To smart cities the state needs to be invite both best of global institute and corporate to bring best of technology  into city spaces.
Research and Development both in category of academia and corporate are two different needs nucleus attention.
New innovations in IOTA be encouraged pace with international standards.
Each state smart cities needs coordination with its counterparts, As Jharkand, Uttrakhand,Bihar needs permutation and combination of algorithms,
Exp, SA – Singapore,Taiwan S Korea, Japan in various field.
In tourism infra,environment,ambiance need to be world class with latest hospitality.


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