Pak guns down Indian spy drone

Pakistan media reports , Army shot down an Indian spy drone which violated the Line of Control in Chirikot Sector, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said in a statement on Tuesday.

This is the fourth drone which has been shot down by the Pakistan Army in the last one year. According to the ISPR, the drone has been taken over by Pakistan Army troops.

The drones are often used by Indian forces to spy and map Pakistani positions along the LoC and to determine troop dispositions.

Tensions along the LoC have significantly increased as the right-wing government of Narendra Modi sworn into power in India.

Firing across the LoC has become a regular practice by Indian troops and has inflicted material and human losses on the Pakistani side of the border.

Geo Tv

In another incident, On 18th July 2018, an Indian Air Force MiG-21 aircraft, crashed at 1321 h in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Squadron Leader Meet Kumar, a Fully Operational pilot had got airborne from Air Force Station Pathankot at 1220 h. The pilot sustained fatal injuries during the accident. A Court of Inquiry has been ordered to establish the cause of the accident.

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