Peruvians protest unabated

 Peruvians protest unabated on the streets of its capital Lima with people pouring in to fight against misrule and push the country to its its lowest economy ebb. The protests were initially called by the trade union movement, but yesterday, non-governmental organizations, lawyers and other figures gathered in the National Human Rights Coordinator launched a parallel call.

The calls to take to the streets and squares to pressure for a reform of the judicial system and for punishment for corrupt justice operators were also made by progressive political forces, while the right wing is keeping distance.

Peruvians hold national campaign of protests against corruption, amid scandal that has shaken the country’s justice system. Peruvians marched in the streets demanding anti-corruption reforms to clean up the-country’s  institutions as the head of the judiciary resigned. Thousands took tothe historic district of the capital Lima.

Protesters said they want a reformof the entire judicial and political system. Peruvian President Martin Vizcarrafired his Justice Minister, Salvador Heresi after a TV station released anaudio of a phone conversation between the Minister and a judge underinvestigation for influence peddling.

Acorruption scandal dogged the previous administration of former President PedroPablo Kuczynski, who stepped down four months ago in a graft scandal involvingBrazilian builder Odebrecht.

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