Mali and Zimbabwe go to polls

Zimbabwe go to polls, on July 30 to elect a new president, parliament and local government leaders – the first poll without Robert Mugabe.President Emmerson Mnangagwa, from the ruling ZANU-PF party, and Nelson Chamisa, leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC), seen as the frontrunners.

goes to the polls 29 July to elect a president, with five multiparty election since 1991. These elections are critical to political stability, given conflict in north since 2012.Mali votes for president on July 29, & citizen observers prepare to monitor the polls. The COCEM civil society coalition in strategy session on how to deploy 1000 plus observers across all regions of the country

More than five years after jihadists were ousted from northern Mali and central government was restored in part, the country has grown more unsafe, with the peace accord signed in 2015 yet to be meaningfully implemented. A tally of incidents since that time which was recorded by Malilink, shows an alarming rise in violent acts and deaths by national and foreign military, jihadi groups, secular militias and criminals, writes Bruce Whitehouse for African Arguments.

Zimbabweans go to the polls on July 3O, 2018.

Mali 🇲🇱 and Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 are going to the polls and they both have over 20 presidential candidates

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