LG and BJP opposing CCTV


LG and BJP opposing CCTV because their illegal businesses like Human Traficking will get exposed : Saurabh Bhardwaj
In the last few days three cases of  human trafficking has been registered in Delhi from Munirka, Maidan Garhi and one latest from Paharganj. These areas are known for its hustle and bustle hence it is impossible for the police to come up with an excuse that they had no idea about the human trafficking going on under their nose. The AAP Chief Spokesperson Saurabh Bharadwaj informed the media in a press conference that the initiative of Delhi Women’s Commission helped in rescuing many girls from the above mentioned areas of Delhi who were brought from Nepal and the nearby areas and were about to trafficked to other countries like Dubai, Saudi Arab  and Sri Lanka. The trafficking of girls from Nepal has been going on in Delhi from  a very long time but the police did not bother to investigate the matter and take action against it.

Mr Bharadwaj further informed that not a single FIR has been registered on the name of human trafficking in Delhi. This proves the carelessness of the police and the Central Government who are assumed to have an internal connection with the international syndicate. They are the ones who shout out slogans against a cow being trafficked but turn deaf and dumb on the trafficking of girls who are brought from different countries and kept in Delhi and later on sold to other countries.

The External Affairs Department and the Immigrant Department has been blind to the trafficking. If Delhi had been equipped with CCTV Cameras then it would have been much easy to find out the places and people involved in the trafficking. The Central Government, Delhi Police and the Home Minister Rajnath Singh are the ones responsible to carry out raid in such cases but the raid was put up by the Delhi’s Women Commission. Leave BJP , Congress Leader Ajay Maken could not gather courage to question the Centre on human trafficking but has all the time to point out figure at AAP.

It is a matter of shame that a country which worships woman is involved in woman trafficking and few political parties support the corrupt practice just for some political bernefit.

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