Roman Kramařík, Czech solo aviator around the world

Roman Kramařík, as the first aviator in the Czech history flying around the world solo, pays a visit to India these days on his way around the Globe.Ambassador of the Czech Republic H. E. Milan Hovorka introduced Roman to the media fraternity and introduced Roman  and explained, The idea of a project called “The Mission Winged Lion” , on the occasion of 100-year anniversary of the Czechoslovak independence.

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The idea of a project called “The Mission Winged Lion” is however even deeper:to promote our history and achievements on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the establishment of an independent Czechoslovakia. During the mapping of Czech footprints in India, he was pleased to visit the Baťa headquarters. Ambassador Milan Hovorka was equally pleased to back and interact-act with management of Bata India Limited.

Mission Winged Lion lands in New Delhi

A historic trip is currently being made by a successful Czeeh lawyer and an aeroplane pilot Roman Kramarik. His journey called the Mission Winged Lion  is the first solo Earth circumnavigation done by a Czech aviator. He decided to do so on the occasion of 100-year anniversary of the Czechoslovak independence. Along the route, Roman is mapping the Czechoslovak footprints in the visited countries, to remind his fellow countrymen and everyone else, that Czech Republic and Czechoslovakia has achieved a lot to be proud of.

Roman is flying on a single engine Cessna P210 manufactured in 1979. The aircraft has an iconic immatriculation OK-TGM (the initials of the founding father and first Czechoslovak president Tomas Garrigue Masaryk).

Romans journey has started in Prague on 25 July 2018 and passed through Serbia, Izrael, Jordan, Dubai and Pakistan, before reaching New Delhi. He proceed to Thailand, Japan, USA, Azores and the UK before returning to Prague. He’s now spending a few days in New Delhi, where he already visited Bat’a a shoe factories. Roman also made a small function to talk about his journey and Indian-Czech relationship, which was attended, among other, by some successful Indian aviators.

Roman speaks very highly of India . He interacted with the Media and explained why he was so curious to visit India the Great nation with multiple culture and belief yet stands as one nation. He spoke of Czech great achievements in aviation in early 1960-70 , various corporate , Bata, Jawa, Yezdi, Home credit finance, Skoda the household name in India with pursuits of excellence in their products. His eyes lit when he spoke of Nano technology being developed in textile, paints and power sectors which are gifting the world the Green Technology. His concern  for growing plastic , wastes and air pollution while with his experience of solo flying  was absorbing.

Further to question by media for his visit to Taj City Agra he said may not this time but our county is best equipped in the world to preserver old relics in any form and assured that Czech can offer the best possible solution for restoration of degradation of Taj Mahal  shine and preserving it from the scorching heat &  pollutant air , the spoiler of Taj Mahal’s  beauty was music to Indian media present today.

“I am really excited to land in New Delhi. The bilateral relations between our two countries have always been very good and this is reflected in the volume of mutual economic and cultural exchange.

The circumnavigation flight by Jan Antonin Bat’a in 1937 (on a Lockheed 10A Electra) was an important inspiration for me when the idea of Mission Winged Lion was first incepted. I am particularly proud all the historical and contemporary Czechoslovak footprints in this great county: Bat’a factories alone employ over 8 800 people in India. Home Credit, a leading finance provider in India spreads over 120 cities, serving 6 million customers and being awarded for their employer excellence. Skoda cars enjoy great reputation and are even assembled here. And Skoda turbines are spinning in many to the Indian power plants. That’s to name just a few examples from a long list of Czech successes here. They should be viewed in the light of the fact that Czechs and Slovaks are in total just under 16 million people.”

He also spoke about other countries experience  and narrated tales of cooperation and excellence in making his journey the finest one.

“Also, having flown-in-from the Middle East, this is the first place where I can freely report on my trip through the Middle East, where I have visited another country with significant Czechoslovak footprints.”

He journey is surely going to be significant, but he reminds, that he has just begun.

“I sincerely wish that if my grand-children set-off to circumnavigate the world again on the occasion of 200-years anniversary, they find India at least as peaceful, human and prosperous, as I have found it today – and that the bilateral relations always remain as extraordinary as they are now, for which I would like to thank the Czech Embassy in New Delhi. Please wish me luck as I will be flying further east. The monsoon is a challenge for even the large aircraft – and it can make a flight impossible for a small aircraft like OK-TGM. And I still have a bit of the planet to cover after New Delhi.”

Embassy Note: On his journey called “The Lion Wing Mission”, Czech Pilot Roman Kramarik plans to visit Delhi between August 1 – 6, during the first Czech solo attempt to fly around the globe, starting in the Czech Republic and continuing eastwards. This unique flight is carried out on the six-seat Cessna P210N from 1979 with the OK-TGM Aircraft Registration. “The Lion Wing Mission” is not only a sports challenge connected with the flight around the Earth but it’s also a part of the commemoration of the 100thanniversary of the constitution of Czechoslovakia, the predecessor of the Czech republic, as well as celebration of Czech aviation whose beginnings date back to the same period. Thus, “The Lion Wing Mission” sets even higher goals – to spread the awareness and encourage pride about the famous history of Czech flying and aviation.

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