Happy #ObamaDay!Congratulations Prez Obama

On President Obama’s birthday, a different kind of gift:

Louise Bernard <info@obama.org> to you & 1 other(s)

Sat, 04 Aug 2018 16:36:25


Obama Foundation

My name is Louise Bernard, and I’m the Director of the Museum of the Obama Presidential Center.It’s my job to help tell the story of the Obama presidency.

Today is President Obama’s birthday. And I’m not going to ask you to sign a card, or pass along well-wishes for his day. I’m asking you to do something that I think might mean even more to him.

I’m asking you to capture your memories from President Obama’s election in 2008: what you saw, what you heard, who you called, the moments that were meaningful. We’ll take your photos, your journal entries, and especially audio files of your recollections. We’re also interested in keepsakes or artifacts you think would be valuable additions to the museum—send us a photo, tell us about them, and someone from our team may get in touch with you to learn more.

Your memories will go into our story collection archive and may also become part of a museum exhibit. You can share them right here.

So many people made this groundbreaking presidency possible. Whether you caucused in Iowa or voted in 2008 for the first time, whether you knocked on doors in Florida or celebrated in Grant Park, or whether you watched along with millions of people around the world on election night, your memories will help build a collective memoir.

This archive of memories, both physical and digital, will allow future generations to learn about this historic election through the words of those who lived it.

We can’t tell this story without you. And that’s why I hope you’ll visit Obama.org/History to learn more and share your story with us.

Ten years ago, you helped make history. Now, we need you to help write it.

Thank you.


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