Junkers Ju-52 crash in Swiss Alps

WWII plane land crashed in Piz Segnas, a 3,000m (10,000’) peak in the east of the country on Saturday at an altitude of 2,540m on the mountain’s western flank.

“The police have the sad certainty that the 20 people aboard perished,” police spokeswoman Anita Senti told a news conference.
There were 11 men and nine women aboard, including an Austrian couple and their son, she said.
The German-built Junker JU52 HB-HOT aircraft, dating from 1939 and nicknamed “Iron Annie”, was a collectors’ aircraft.

An old-time propeller plane operated by a company offering panoramic flights has crashed in the Swiss Alps. Ju-Air, which offers tours in classic Junkers Ju-52 planes said Saturday that one of its aircraft had been involved in an accident on the Piz Segnas mountain above the Swiss Alpine resort of Flims. Police on Sunday confirmed that all 20 people aboard the WWII-era aircraft died in the crash.Aircraft was a Junkers JU-52 built in 1939 & did not have a Black Box. Investigation underway by Swiss Authorities. Plane had 20 people (17 passengers, two pilots and a flight attendant) aboard Junkers Ju-52 aircraft die after crash in Swiss Alps.

The plane appears to have hit the ground near-vertically and at a “relatively high speed,” according to Daniel Knecht of the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board. Knecht also said the 79-year-old plane was most likely not equipped with crash-resistant data recorders that more modern aircraft have.

“Basically, the age of the plane has nothing to do with flight safety, as long the aircraft is properly maintained,” Knecht was quoted by Switzerland’s Blick.ch as saying.

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