Indo Japan Joint Working Group ICT Workshop



Japan India-Invest – $Trillion Opportunities for 1.5b People

August08, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

From a $5m Food Factory to $100b Bullet Trains to Developing Smart Cities there are $Trillion opportunities in India. Japanese multinationals should EXPLORE the opportunities provide MOST COMPETITIVE Products, Projects and Services.

If Japanese LIFI technology is better then 5G than deploy it in India. USA is promoting all kinds of BROADBAND technologies, 2G-3G-4G, Some places may need Satellite Technology, some Ethernet, some OPTIC FIBER, some Coaxial Cable, some Telephone Lines, some WLL, and some Micro Waves etc.

Indian Telecoms have BUNGLED UP – AIRTEL for example at Homes & Offices Land Line BROADBAND, 4G outside home or Office. Currently Landline subscriber base is 23m but it could serve say 230m Broad Band devices – but dedicated Wire or Fiber connections can deliver 50mbps to 150mbps data speed without interruption at less cost. [4G mobile hotspots too can serve homes]

THERE IS NO SHARING OF INFRASTRUCTURE – All Dug Up Delhi 10-15 times – 15 times in South Delhi to lay Optic Fiber Lines.

Food Processing, Hydro Power, Renewables, Power Distribution, Construction, Bullet Trains, City Development, Home Appliances, etc there are huge opportunities.

In 1986 I purchased ‘Essic Tiger Shoes’ in Los Angeles – recently found it was made by a JAPANESE company which was acquired byNIKE, was of Extremely Good Quality, my father used it for ten years.NIKE is worth $127b today.

I topped Japan Airlines test in June1974 – instead of Interview in Japan at their HQ which was to cost much less – top level Team Executives visited India. I was required to learn Japanese language which I thought was difficult. Had I visited JAL Service center and facilities – I would have settled in Japan and running my own R&D multinationals.

Way back in 1965 my friend in school returned from Japan where his father employed in Indian Embassy, imported a 65cc or 70cc Motor Cycle was faster and twice more efficient than Indian 150cc Scooters.Most of the goods were imported from JAPAN but in recent times China has replaced Japan in most sectors.

In 1977 I was asked by my family friend to Guide a High School Boy not performing well in studies in spite of Engaging Special Tutor. I noticed the ‘Student was Asking His Tutor Questions – She was being paid doing as he wanted’. He was asking Most Difficult Questions when he didn’t know the basic ones. I told him to STOP TAKING EXAMINATION OF YOUR TEACHER EVERY DAY – LET HER TEACH YOU Step by Step Systematically. His grades improved after that.

Japan Should INVEST in India, Collaborate in India – Support Indian R&D in Japan.

Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

Dear Sir
Most welcome. We look forward to welcome you personally as  Indian Industrial delegation to 5th meeting of DSC_0773AND ICT Workshop for Disaster Management on 7th and 8th August, 2018 at 9.00 AM at
Diwan I am Hall, Hotel Taj Mansingh,
1, Mansingh Road,
Khan Market,
New Delhi 110001
being inaugurated by Hon’ble Sh Manoj Sinha, Minister of Communications, joined by Mrs. Aruna Sundarajan, IAS Secretary DOT and organized by DOT.
Thanks. Sorry inadvertently the month mentioned in the body was September, though in agenda and subject line it was rightly mentioned as 7-8th August.

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