Rafale scandal Qs national security’

Govt shifts stands & hides behind secrecy.Security compromised, exchequer looted.


Sagar Media Inc: When air force needs 126 jet fighters and government in question negotiate for 36 jet fighters is matter to mediate why government has such step for 30% of the contract must be to reduce the cost but on the contrary the cost has escalated to more than double, matter is for the government to put their stance in question to opposition leaders or PAC or CAG. We have to wait for the opinions of many procedure to follow when the deal gets its currency. Most of the important authorities in the past has commented  Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar disclosed that the price for 126 aircrafts would have been about Rs 90,000 crores. He stated, “We must remember that Rafale is a top-end multi-role fighter . . . but it is quite expensive. When you talk of 126 aircrafts, it becomes a purchase of about 90,000 crores.That would place the price per aircraft at Rs. 715 crore (Rs 90,000 crore divided by 126 planes). According to Parrikar this cost was inclusive of everything.

Foreign Secretary then said just two days before the Prime Minister’s announcement: Negotiations were still going on regarding the Rafale aircraft. Manifestly these were going on under the original Request for Proposal. HAL was very much to be a part of the project as it was of the negotiations. The Prime Minister of India and the President of France were to focus on the “big picture issues even in the security field”.

An allegation  by the trio Lawyer, Prashanth Bhusan,  former Minister Mr Arun Shourie  and Mr Yashwant Sinha , to the government have concealed facts, gross violation of mandatory, a sudden change in the intent of order, drown vital facts is an  avalanche of  abuse, invoking secrecy clause not there on the cost escalation reasons and dropping of HAl with an experience of 50 yrs in manufacturing fighter planes  and the incomprehensible inclusion of  private company that has no experience of aerospace manufacturing, each of these features have convinced the trio, Lawyer, Prashanth Bhusan  former Minister Mr Arun Shourie  and Mr Yashwant Sinha that there is major scandal here, gross misuse of office  and monumental criminal misconduct .

Is this Rafael deal is unpalatable to wagering, contingent, irrational, illogical, not – zero defect not zero effect, non- transparent for cost escalation, Nepotism-favoritism, corrupt deal each term were  well explained by Lawyer, Prashanth Bhusan  former Minister Mr Arun Shourie  and Mr Yashwant Sinha spoke to media at Press Club of India, N Delhi. But the deal is not materialized yet and Expression of Interest, Technical bid, Cost bid, Request for Proposal, Proposal to an offer, An offer at glance, Preparation of bid are some of classical ways of negotiation. Matters on the contract of National security hypotheses, ideas, postulations matter need containerization for outlines even in preliminary levels is by apex authorities, Chief Executives  of Government in act of actions of terms.

The Rafale deal is not only the biggest defence scam of all time, the manner in which Modi abused his position to give undue benefit to Rafale & Anil Ambani & caused a loss of >35KCr to the exchequer, is a textbook case of criminal misconduct under PC Act. The press release further adds,

Govt shifts stands & hides behind secrecy.

Air Force left high & dry with aircraft reduced from 126 to 36.

HAL & Make in India removed.

An exchequers loss viz Country loses 35KCrs.

The Pvt companies of Ambani gains 21KCrs.

Security compromised, exchequer looted. All by Modi alone, PM solo negotiator in Rafael deal.

But the last statement by the Lawyer Prashant Bhushan has all its answers to above question when he said let this paper be in form of document of an agreement then anything on the subject is admissible for scrutiny of allegation.

Inputs from Press conference of trinity

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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