most dangerous country

The brutal rape of a 6-yr old in a NDMC led school has put the safety and security under a big question mark. LG, BJP and all the other officials must justify their mistake as the Centre controls the law and order of the Capital. People of Delhi want their elected government to install CCTV cameras in public places, residential areas, market places and schools. The Government decided to install CCTV cameras from its budget, since it is the money of the taxpayers and they must be able to avail  the benefits of Government schemes.

AAP National Spokesperson Atishi said addressing a press conference that the BJP and LG are using sections of bureaucracy to take revenge from the people of Delhi. Whenever AAP steps forward to make Delhi crime free by installing cameras all around so that strict actions can be taken based on the evidence, the BJP gives its best efforts to case disturbance in the work of public interest.

Central Government appointed Chief Secretary stated yesterday that the proposal to install CCTV camera is hurried.  Atishi also stated that the Central Government must  secure the women of Delhi instead of deploying the officials and BJP leaders.

AAP MLA Alka Lamba conveyed the message of public to the Central Government through the media that it is safety and security is the primary demand of people living in Delhi. She further added that if the cameras would have been installed earlier then the 6-yr old innocent would not have been raped so brutally and strict actions could have been taken on the rapist.Full statehood of the capital is necessary so that decisions can be taken in favour of public and not in the favour of corruption. Despite the approval of SC on the camera installation, BJP is not ready to accept a decision taken for the betterment of the society.

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