Get DSGMC Books Audited Right Away As Interim Measure, Retroactively: S. Sarna

Naresh Kumar Sagar NEW DELHI, Aug 13 — The SADD Sunday slammed Badal loyalists for their verbal somersaults over demandsto set up an audit committee for DSGMC accounts.The SADD leadership had originally suggested staunch Badal supporters like banker S.S. Kohli, scholar DrJaspal Singh and committee member Harinder Pal Singh as part of a five-person audit panel. The other twobeing an independent personality like lawyer KTS Tulsi and SADD representative Bhajan Singh Walia.But small-time GK loyalist Harmeet Singh Kalka, in a statement, raised objections over the nomination of S.Walia in any such audit committee.“First of all, Kalka has no locus standi in the matter. He’s too junior a chap to understand the functioning of anyaudit committee,” SADD chief Paramjit Singh Sarna remarked. “Kalka is ignorant about the fact that no singlemember of a probe panel can become its sole arbitrator. But GK, as DSGMC president, is very muchaccountable to the Sangat and to the opposition demands for having Sangat resources audited in the light ofserious accusations about their misuse and abuse.”If the DSGMC president, he suggested, is uncomfortable with the likes of S. Kohli, Dr Jaspal Singh, S.Harinderpal Singh, S Tulsi and S. Walia, he still must take interim measures for a transparent investigation.“We remain steadfast that every Sangat penny of the Rs 123-cr-surplus that we left be accounted for andscamsters be prosecuted under the law of the land. No one can have this demand sidestepped with any juggleryof words,” S. Sarna said.He challenged GK to recommend an interim investigation by professional auditors, either from the government orfrom agencies of international repute, to unearth the truth behind how a DSGMC surplus of Rs 123 crore underthe SADD turned into a crippling deficit now leading the gurdwara estates to bankruptcy under the Badals.“Let them probe the overall economic health of the DSGMC till you set up the audit committee that we advised,”S. Sarna told GK.He lashed out at the DSGMC president for his brazen lies that the SADD administration left the religiouscommittee with a deficit of Rs 173 crore.In a unique offer by any opposition group, the SADD chief asked GK to let DSGMC accounts and its estates beaudited retroactively from 1995, leave alone for recent terms.“Your subordinates like Kalka are not authorised in any capacity, officially and mentally, to respond to calls for anaudit of Sangat resources. They can’t help you get away scot free with their bogus verbal somersaults. Don’t usethem as your Shikhandis. Come forward and set up a thorough inquiry with a mandate to cover the 23-yearperiod from 1995,” the SADD leader told GK.He suggested broader terms of reference for the audit he proposed.“Let that panel investigate DSGMC finances since 1995, the status of the Bala Sahib project under SADD andBadal administrations and the status of Gurdwara Bangla Sahi


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