Prithvi Reddy appointed AAP Overseas Convenor

Prithvi Reddy

Since its inception, AAP has received huge support from millions of People of Indian origin, spread across the globe . Overseas supporters have not just promoted AAP across the world,  but by actively participated in ground and calling  campaigns apart from being  involved in application of technology & process designs . NRI Overseas supporters have also contributed generously to fund raising .

Keeping in mind the extensive contributions of its overseas supporters, the  Political Affairs Committee (PAC) of AAP has appointed AAP Leader Prithvi Reddy as Convenor of AAP Overseas to further grow and strengthen its overseas support base.

Prithvi Reddy, has been a National Executive member since inception of the  party and has held various posts .

Prithvi Reddy has been actively working on Outreach programs, facilitating better understanding of AAP with student bodies, business world and other professional groups. The party expressed its confidence that under the leadership of Prithvi Reddy , the Overseas support base will grow from strength to strength ..

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