Resuscitate even if pupils are dilated.


The dilated and fixed pupils of an unconscious patient should not stop anybody giving the Basic Life Support.

There is a window period of 45 seconds in which the unconscious person can be revived even after dilation of pupils. It was pointed out by Dr. Rakesh Kumar of Maulana Azad Medical College at Speciality Con 2018 organised by Delhi Medical Association at Hotel Leela Ambience, New Delhi on 12th August 2018. This National Conference which was attended by more than 700 delegates across the country had the Certificate Courses in ECG , Basic Life Support and Diabetes. Eminent faculty  in different fields imparted the knowledge of their vast experience to the delegates.

The conference was inaugurated by Sh. Mahesh Giri MP from East Delhi who appreciated the role of the doctors in the betterment of society. Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ashwani Goyal President Delhi Medical Association said that continuous upgradation of the knowledge of medical professionals is the need of our to meet with the new challenges in medical practice. he also enumerated the activities being done by DMA for the benefit of medical fraternity and society. Dr Harish Gupta coordinator of the conference and Past President Delhi Medical Association said that DMA is always ready to do the social service as it had shown by organising 108 health check-up camps on a single day under the guidance of Sh. Mahesh Giri 5 years back.

Dr Pawan Sharma Senior Interventional Cardiologist spoke about the decision of Bypass surgery vs Stent. Discussions on Life Style Management were also part of the conference.

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