Imran Khan & Qureshi to normalise ties with neighbours

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan today said that the country will enter into talks with all neighbours to normalise ties, Will revamp relations with all neighbors, as without peace, prosperity can’t be brought in the country.
Imran Khan stressed austerity measures, the need to address corruption, economic, social, and environmental challenges to bring Pakistan back on track. The prime minister emphasised that there was a need to change our direction otherwise the country would head towards disaster. “We need to change our mindset and think about the children who are out of school.”
Imran maiden address to the nation a day after his swearing in as the country’s 22nd prime minister, Khan identified Pakistan’s challenges on economic front, announced sweeping changes to bring austerity and revive stagnant economy.
He also lashed out at the previous PML-N government for current debt crisis of about 95 billion dollars loans  which has risen to Rs 28 trillion, saying the country had not been as indebted in its entire history as it has been in the last ten years.
Outlining his governments approach to resolve the issues, Khan stressed on taking austerity measures, working on tax reforms instead of taking loans, rooting out corruption.
He also spoke about revamping the judiciary, educational and health care reforms, civil service reforms, devolution of power, providing jobs opportunity to youths and building dams to end water crisis.

Newly-appointed Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Monday said there is a need to alter the ‘direction’ of Pakistan’s foreign policy.

“We need to change the direction of our foreign policy,” Qureshi said while speaking at the Foreign Office shortly after being sworn-in as a member of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s cabinet.

Stating that Pakistan’s foreign policy will be reviewed afresh, the foreign minister said, “We want peace and stability in the region.”

“Our foreign policy will begin and end on Pakistan,” he upheld and added that they are determined to resolve the challenges faced by the country.

“We will make sure that Pakistan is respected worldwide and for that we will have to set our priorities straight,” Qureshi added.

Shifting focus to relations with neighbouring countries, the foreign minister stressed, “Dialogue is the only way forward with India.”

Regarding relations with Afghanistan, Qureshi said, “We want to go with a strong message for Afghanistan and will contact Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to schedule a visit to Kabul.”

Qureshi also said, “Some powers were taking advantage of the vacuum created by the absence of a foreign minister and were trying to push Pakistan towards isolation.”

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