Pompeo is to visit Pakistan

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to visit Pakistan early next month to meet with the newly-elected Prime Minister Imran Khan,  Sunday night, citing international media outlets. Pompeo, is expected in Islamabad on Sept 5, will likely be the first foreign dignitary to meet the newly elected prime minister, who took oath of his office on Saturday.

Pompeo, an official of the US President Donald Trump’s administration, will reportedly arrive in Islamabad on September 5 for a brief stay while en route to India.

Pompeo and PM Khan are likely to discuss bilateral relations and matters of mutual interest

Pompeo and PM Khan are likely to discuss bilateral relations and matters of mutual interest during their meeting before the former leaves for New Delhi on September 6. Pompeo, is the first foreign diplomat to meet Pakistan’s new PM, may talk the Afghan peace process as well.

According to an international publication, “the Pompeo mission will also help Washington and New Delhi coordinate their objectives and mission in Afghanistan”.

Earlier on Sunday, Khan had addressed the nation in his first-ever televised speech as the premier and emphasised austerity and the need to tackle corruption.

“There is a need for peace and without it, we cannot improve the country’s situation,” he had stated during the broadcasted speech.

Pompeo, in his message to the Pakistani people on the country’s Independence Day, had said he hoped to further strengthen ties between the two nations.

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