Typhoon Cimaron threatening western Japan

Typhoon Cimaron is travelling northwest at 35 kilometers per hour across the Pacific Ocean. People in western Japan are bracing for a very strong typhoon that could make landfall as early as Thursday afternoon.The storm follows directly in the wake of another typhoon that caused minor damage in the country’s south.

Meteorological Agency says Cimaron is located south of Shikoku. It’s traveling north-northwest across the Pacific at a speed of 35 kilometers per hour.The officials say the typhoon could dump more than 80 millimeters of rain per hour. They say the total amount of rain could rise up to 1000 millimeters in some locations that were also hit by rain from the last typhoon that passed just west of Japan.

People there are concerned after torrential downpours in July killed more than 200 people.

Officials are warning people to prepare for possible evacuation in the event of mudslides and flooding.

Britain and Japan cancelled a plan for a simulated amphibious beach assault near Mount Fuji this week, as a typhoon approached the Japanese mainland. It would have been the first joint drill between their troops in Japan. Typhoon Cimaron, which is heading north from the Western Pacific, is expected to bring strong winds and rain to Japan over the next few days, Reuters reports. The two countries had planned for a Royal Marine detachment and Japanese amphibious troops to storm the beach from boats launched from the British Navy’s flagship amphibious assault carrier HMS Albion on Friday.

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