Venezuela inflation crisis

Venezuelais facing multiple economic problems,  migrant crisis, hyperinflation, food shortages rush of race to leave country to settle in neighboring countries.

Nation face worst worst hyper-inflationary crisis in modern history with 1 million percent inflation by end 2018.Two other countries gone through hyperinflation in Germany 1923 & Zimbabwe a decade ago.

Brazilian President announced yesterday that it is sending its army to crisis-hit Venezuela border to “guarantee law and order” amid an influx of migrants fleeing.

In a televised address he said that Venezuela’s “tragic” situation threatened peace in the whole of South America. The president signed a decree which will deploy soldiers for two weeks along the border and federal roads of its northern state of Roraima.

Millions of Venezuelans have fled their country due to hyperinflation, food and medicine shortages. Brazil’s move follows recent border clashes between locals and Venezuelans.

Meanwhile, neighbouring Peru has declared a 60-day health emergency in two provinces on its northern border, after health authorities expressed concerns of the spread of diseases from migrants.

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