Stefan: Voting for the Sweden Democrats “rooted in racism and Nazism,” 

Swedes globally finest on its welfare state and democracy, next on its tolerance and welcoming attitude to migrants, then on its ability to combine economic success with its core social values are the rich heritage of this land since last century. Will the government of helm of affairs to be punished with voters finding non-nationalism as entire Europe  commoner thinks the way of nation first.The rising level of violent crime has been attributed to migrant ghettos and foreign gangs, the falling performance of schools put down to having to accommodate so many non-native speakers, the housing crisis in major cities partly blamed on the fast-rising population, while healthcare and police are also stretched beyond intended capacity.

Sweden political outfits are, Social Democratic party, Moderate Party, Sweden Democrats,Green Party,Center Party, Left Party, Liberals, Christian democratic Party.

Swedish general election, scheduled for Sunday 9 September 2018, will elect the members of the Riksdag which in turn will elect the Prime Minister of Sweden.

Riksdag  is the national legislature and the supreme decision-making body of Sweden. Since 1971, the Riksdag has been a unicameral legislature with 349 members , called in Swede, riksdagsledamöter, elected proportionally and serving, from 1994 onwards, on fixed four-year terms.

Political experts are of the view results unpredictable, “This is the first time in the history of Sweden that it’s very difficult to say who is going to win, because the parties are trying to build different constellations of blocs,” says Adrian Groglopo, professor of social science at the University of Gothenburg.

Stefan Lofven, the Social Democrat prime minister, called voting for the Sweden Democrats, “rooted in racism and Nazism,” and “dangerous” for the nation. It was “like trying to quench fire with alcohol,” he said.

Meanwhile, the party said that it would boycott national broadcaster SVT after it publicly interjected in the final televised political debate on Friday, taking time out to say it “does not stand” by views expressed by Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson. He had said earlier in the discussion that immigrants fail to find jobs in the country because “they are not Swedes” who “do not fit.”

Two major blocs exist in parliament, the socialist/green Red-Greens and the conservative/liberal Alliance for Sweden. The latter—consisting of the Moderate Party, Liberal, Centre Party, and Christian Democrats—governed Sweden from 2006 through most of 2014 (after 2010 through a minority government). The Red-Greens combination disbanded on 26 October 2010 but continued to be considered the main opposition until the 2014 election. After that election the Social Democrats and the Green Party formed a government, with support from the Left Party, which takes part in budget negotiations with the government.

The Sweden Democrats party is not a member of either bloc. During the Alliance government the Sweden Democrats sided with the Alliance in most votes. After the Social Democrats took power in 2014 the Sweden Democrats have sided with the center-left government in most votes.

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