Sweden’s, Social Democrats suffers

Both the Christian Democrats and Moderates have turned down the Sweden Democrats written invitation to talk about the post-election government.Sweden’s Social Democrat Prime Minister is not stepping down – but he faces a vote to stay in power that he seems likely to lose, unless he can convince some of the opposition to support him.In his post-election speech he said “No side has won a majority and so it is natural that it is cross-bloc cooperation that will allow Sweden to be ruled.”There will be a vote of confidence in the prime minister by 8th October at the latest, and Löfven has to avoid a majority against him. This is certain to happen, however, if the centre-right fulfil their promise to vote him down, as the Sweden Democrats are likely to do the same and thereby have a majority in the Riksdag. Reports Swedish Radio News reports on twitter

Sunday’s general election in Sweden, the governing Social Democrats remain the largest single force in parliament despite suffering a setback, while the nationalist, anti-immigration Sweden Democrats placed third.

Immigration was the biggest issue in the election. The Social Democrats called for a continuation of Sweden’s traditionally tolerant policies on immigration. The Sweden Democrats, with their roots in the neo-Nazi movement, called for freezing the country’s acceptance of immigrants and refugees.

Swedes get hung parliament as the policies of the political parties are deeply divided on immigrants policies. Swedes political uncertainty looms after deadlock of political configuration.

Sweden, a country long famed for liberal tolerance, frugal election gains for the far-right in Sunday’s election. Far-right now riding high in: Italy, Germany, Finland, France, Austria, Poland, The Netherlands and Hungary.

 Stefan Lofven vowed to stay in his post after the center-right leader demanded his resignation, and the surging Sweden Democrats boasted they will be kingmaker as all sides prepare for a post-election deadlock.

“Nothing will be determined tonight,” Lofven, the Social Democrat leader, said in a speech as election results projected that both the center-right and the center-left coalition would both attain the same number of seats in parliament, and fall well short of a simple majority.

Promising to “calmly continue working” until a government is formed, and calling Sunday’s vote “the funeral of bloc politics” the one-term prime minister appeared to tout a possible grand coalition with the center-right, which is without precedent in the country’s politics.

The aim and “moral duty” of such a coalition would be to exclude the anti-migrant Sweden Democrats from power.“The Sweden Democrats can never, and will never, offer anything that will help society. They will only increase division and hate,” said Lofven, who had repeatedly depicted his opponents as “Nazis” and “racist” through the course of the campaign.But the long-established center-right Moderate Party did not appear immediately receptive to the overtures of a leader who has led his party to its worst result since 1908.

Kristersson also publicly rejected the possibility of teaming up with the Sweden Democrats, which narrows his bloc’s prospects of forming a majority government.

Having led them a historic result, the Sweden Democrats leader Jimmie Akesson said he would be “receptive” to negotiating with the Moderates, and suggested that in the wake of the result, all paths to forming a government will go through his party.

“We increased our seats in parliament and we see that we will gain huge influence over what happens in Sweden during the coming weeks, months and years,” Akesson said in his speech, after calling the Sweden Democrats the ‘true victors’ of the election.

Sweden’s two main political conglomerates,  the governing center-left coalition and the center-right Alliance  are almost tied. The center-left bloc led by the Social Democrats won 40.6 percent of the vote, compared to 40.3 percent won by the 4-party center-right Alliance.

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