Minutes of Meeting of DTF held on 09/09/2018


Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As scheduled, an  E.C.Meeting of Delhi Theosophical Federation was held on 09/09/2018 under the chairmanship of Dr D.K.Satsangi, President. The following office bearers & special invitees were present:

  1. Dr D.K.Satsangi, President

2.Bro R.N.Shukla, Vice-President

3.Bro V.K.Taneja, Secretary

  1. Sis Meena Thakur, Treasurer
  2. Sis Sanjeen Sahney, Co-opted Member
  3. Sis Lalita Milwani, Co-opted Member
  4. Sis Poonam Satsangi, Co-opted Member
  5. Bro Mohan lal Khatri, Representative, I.P. Lodge
  6. Bro Karam Chand Gupta, Special Invitee
  7. Dr Rajiv Gupta, Special Invitee

The following Office bearers were absent:

1.Bro Rajiv Mathur, Auditor

  1. Bro Anil Bahuguna, Jt Secretary
  2. Dr Mansi Bhagat, Librarian

The meeting started by discussing Agenda Items No 6 pertaining to complaint made by Bro Karam Chand Gupta to the General Secretary, Indian Section, regarding his alleged manhandling by Bro Ramesh Sachdeva on 25/02/2018, as the former desired that his complaint should be discussed first, because he had other pre-occupations.

Detailed proceedings of the meeting are as below:

Agenda Item No 6: To discuss regarding appropriate action to be taken on the complaint of Bro K.C.Gupta regarding his alleged manhandling by Bro Ramesh Sachdeva:

Bro Karam Chand Gupta was heard patiently. The complaint as received from Indian Section as well as email sent to him by the Federation President was read by Bro V.K.Taneja (myself). Bro Gupta objected to the word “strangulation” used by President in his email & informed the committee that he did not use this word. He also objected regarding the names of witnesses mentioned in DTF President’s letter & told that he did not mention name of any witness. His objections were taken into consideration & both these words/lines were  treated as withdrawn. Bro Gupta informed the EC that Bro Sachdeva was permitted by outgoing President Dr Rajiv Gupta & Chairperson Bro Sachdeva to speak just before elections on 25/02/2018, after which Bro Sachdeva started speaking that no theosophical activities are being carried out in Delhi Federation & advocated names of presidential candidate,who should be elected so that theosophical activities can be re-activated, to which Mr Gupta commented that “is it an election speech?: At this Bro Sachdeva commented  that he (Bro Sachdeva) will teach him (Bro Gupta) a lesson, which was because, the interference of Bro Gupta provoked Bro Sachdeva. Dr Rajiv Gupta also admitted that both these statements are correct & also admitted that he had granted permission to Bro Sachdeva to speak. During the course of hearing Bro K.C.Gupta lost temperament & started talking in elevated tone & raising finger towards Dr Satsangi, to which the latter objected more than once & requested the former to remain calm. Bro Gupta told that few members came forward & saved him, but could not name any member nor any of the members present could confirm that they had witnessed the incident of Bro Sachdeva manhandling Bro Gupta. It was also pointed out by the members that Bro Sachdeva has misbehaved with some other members also in past. However it was also admitted by the members that Bro K.C.Gupta should not have commented as Bro Sachdeva was talking with due permission from chair & that in this way more & less both are at fault. Finally, it was decided that Bro Sachdeva will also be given an opportunity to clarify his position & after getting his version, matter will be reported to competent authority for suitable action.

Agenda Item No 1:To sort out disputes cropped up due to non-submission of Annual Dues/ New Admission forms/ Revival & Lodge Transfer applications of members by the previous EC:

As already reported by Secretary, Indraprastha Lodge, 12 forms sent by him were neither sent to Indian section nor these were returned to Lodge. During meeting Dr Rajiv Gupta, ex- President returned 8 forms with 2 bearer cheques. However 4 new admission forms as well as  1 revival application form is still lying with him. It is expected that matter will be sorted out soon. Dr Satsangi assured the committee that in future only genuine members interested in serious study of theosophy will be considered for admission.

Agenda Item No 2:To activate DTF Bank Account & sort out outstanding payment issues:

It was decided to activate Bank Account soon for which president/ secretary/ treasurer & outgoing signatories will visit Bank Branch on Tuesday, 11th September 2018.(The bank account was successfully made operational on appointed day)


Agenda Item No 3:To discuss regarding pending bills & taxes of federation to be paid to civic authorities & Renovation of DTF building:

It was decided that pending water bill will be paid shortly & matter regarding property tax & lease rent will be taken up with Indian Section.:

Agenda Item No 4:To facilitate Handing over/Taking over charge of Secretary:

Matter was postponed till next elections.

Agenda Item No 5: To appoint Lodge Representatives in EC:

Most of the Lodges  have sent name of their Representatives to be included in E.C. Dr Rajiv Gupta, who is also secretary of Shankar Lodge was advised by the president to send the name of his lodge, to which he agreed & assured  that he will nominate someone after deciding the matter in the meeting of Shankar Lodge.


The meeting ended with thanks to the chair.

This is for information of all concerned.

With fraternal greetings,


Secretary, DTF


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