Impact of Fake Narratives & Naxalism on Uniform, Society and Economy

Indoi Analytics, a Research & Analysis oriented organization, organized a National Conclave on the Impact of Fake Narratives & Naxalism on Uniform, Society and Economy of our Country on 15th September 2018 at Constitution Club of India in New Delhi.

fake news conclave.jpg

To Invoke God’s blessing, the program began by Lighting of the Lamp, melodious Ganesha Stuti by Kavita Agrawal and assisted by Ajit Singh. The program was a great success, as all invitees stood involved and engaged throughout the six hours of marathon deliberations from extraordinary successful individuals from Defense Organizations, Corporate, Education, Intelligence, Media & TV and IT Industry.

The Chief Guest of the afternoon was His Excellency, Capt Shekhar Dutt, the former Governor of Chattisgarh. Gave an insight of Guerilla war, and referred India’s fight against evil, is the War of Dharma. He warned people to be careful against the rumor marketing. The Conclave was also addressed by Gen Khandare, former DG, DIA. He referred the current war is more about Info-Warfare which has evolved as we humans wish it to be. India must be cautious against those using truth as a war tool. We had Mr Jayadeva Ranade, former Additional Sectary, the Cabinet Secretariat. He spoke about the Technology Speed and the way we have paced our lives. He laid emphasis on the Legislation and more stringent laws be made to capture rumor mongering and fake narratives. Mrs Shobha Bhambani, Principal GM of BSNL stressed about the Fact in which the fake news distorts out country’s International Relations. Also spoke about the digital connectivity and tolerance. Mr Vinit Goenka, an Information Technologist and a Political Activist opined that the country is in an economic war. The ease of use of technology is bringing turbulence to the Social Media platform.

The Conclave had speakers like Major Gaurav Arya, an Army Veteran, TV host and a Defense Analyst. Delivered a fiery speech, elaborating the wide and weird use of Fake narratives to weaken the emotions of people committed to the security of the nation. The only solution to Fake Narrative is Counter Narrative, is what opined by Major Gaurav. He also mentioned an example of such fake narrative; the video of disgruntled jawan of Indian Army, Tej Bahadur Yadav. He was critical about two things, priorities of life, chosen by average Indian and making circus out of country, which has to be put in order.  Laid emphasis on developing ability for Self Correction. His statement praising India of having Best Army in the world, responded with a thunderous applause by the audience.

Mr Rishabh Gulati, Managing Editor, NewsX, Mr Bharath Gopu, veteran of Shipping Industry and MD of Indoi Analytics, Mr Ramit Kaul, an IT Expert and CTO of Indoi Analytics.  We had representation of Legal Experts from Supreme Court. Mr Pawan Duggal, Supreme Court Lawyer and a Cyber Security expert, opined that today’s SM is more about Vomiting Revolution and at the same time having hyper appetite for SM participation. His emphasis was mainly about Cyber Security that may end up in lapses that at times compromises the security of the country. We had with us Retd IG of BSF, Shri Bhola Nath. His concern was the about how to resolve Grievances against Morality. The depleting morality reflects in the operational hassles and National Security. Mr Rishabh Gulati represented the media, being Managing Editor of famous News Channel, the NewsX. He explained how the relative term  of Narratives spoils the social fabric of our society. He termed these narratives are Crude in expression and does only harm. The Naxals have a derailed ideology, damaging the the strength of nation and at the same time weakening the country.

It was the deliberation of Vivek Agnihotri, a celebrated Film Maker and an author of famous book ‘Urban Naxalism’, for which the audience thronged the Conclave Hall and corridors of Constitution Club of India. His was a very intense speech that covered several issues and causes as the genesis of Urban Naxalism. He exposed the functioning of and the way the naxalists operates for their cause whereby to destabilize state establishment. How the fight of man versus man has evolved with hyper use of Social Media, especially Whatsapp. According to him, the naxals collects more than 11K crores of fund every year to execute their plans with concrete strategies. He informed about his forthcoming film ‘Tashkent File’ on the mystery death of Ex PM of India, Late Sh Lal Bahadur Shastri.

Later in the sessions, Mrs Sumitra Goenka, CEO of Triangle, and a Member of Centre for Knowledge Sovereignty (CKS). She narrated the 1857 incident and put up a question to the audience whether it was a mutiny or Struggle for Independence? The confused silence was enough to put her concern about how the narratives play on the psyche of commoners. She also opined that SM is not always the factor to propagate False Narratives. It’s the faulty use of SM that manufactures Fake Narratives. Fake narrative, which is more like a Slow Poison, can be control only by controlling our minds. Dr Yasho V Verma, Ex Director of LG Electronics (I) Limited, Consultant World Bank and an Independent HR Professional, discussed the Fake Narrative and its impact on Corporate and Economy. Many a times, the fake story does increases the impulse of buying decisions and thereby ending in possession of fake products. Mr K G Suresh, DG of IIMC addressed the audience and explained about the aggregation of Fake News and victim is nothing else but Truth. He expressed that Media has put its track on a tangent that is abnormal. Some legislation be made to let the captured truth by Media can come out and the Facts released from Media Captivity.

The conclave also saw deliberations by Vipul Kocher, President of Indian Testing Board and an international authority on software testing across the world. The final speaker for the day was Ms Amrita Bhinder from Chandigarh, a legal consultant in the areas that ranges from Tribunals, Corporate Consultancy and practice in Supreme Court.

The Conclave ended with a Vote of thanks to the Audience, Organizers, Media, Team Indo Analytics, Friends, Support Staff of CCI, by the Master of Ceremony, Prof (Dr) Neeran Gautam.

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