Badals’ Real-Life Manmarziyaan Caught On Cam

NEW DELHI, Sep 30 — A Sikh guard-cum-driver serving DSGMC general secretary M. S.
Sirsa has been caught in real life smoking, barely days after the Badal party went to the
rooftop to protest similar scenes in a fictional reel, Manmarziyaan, the SADD observed
“It’s a cruel irony and hypocrisy characteristic to the Badal group,” SADD secretary-general
Harvinder Singh Sarna said.
They pressured the CBFC to ban Udta Punjab, but had drug trade flourish under their rule. They’d issue statements opposing the use of a Sikh name in someone’s biopic but will give clean chit to blasphemous films like Nanak Shah Fakir.
They’d climb the rooftop to protest Anurag Kashyap’s Manmarziyaan because of smoking scenes but would not mind their private staff on gurdwara payroll holding a lit cigarette in hi smouth,”S.Sarnasaid.
His penetrating observations came in the wake of a picture going viral of a Sirsa guard-cum- driver smoking in the house of the DSGMC general secretary.
S. Sarna wondered why Sirsa, a spokesman for Sukhbir Singh Badal in Delhi, didn’t catch
his staff smoking before the photo spread on social media.
“Unless one has nasal cavities or one is a chain smoker oneself, the smell of a cigarette is
too pungent to remain undetected post smoking, especially when you drive in the same car,” S. Sarna said.
The fact of the matter is the Badals and their coterie, the SADD leader noted, have fostered tobacco consumption, drugs and drinking as part of routine.
“The picture of Sirsa’s Sikh guard caught smoking is yet another reflection of the Badals’
Manmarziyaan with the Sikh code of conduct,” S. Sarna regretted.
But these Manmarziyaan, he added, were also emptying out the gurdwara treasury.
“The cash-starved DSGMC is made to pay up the salary bills of the personal staff of the
committee leadership. Why?” S. Sarna asked.
The SADD secretary-general pointed out that both Sirsa and his boss Manjit Singh GK have appointed an army of bouncers to show off their status. “But these private guards draw their wages from the DSGMC exchequer,which is already on the verge of bankruptcy.
“Even international blue-chip companies don’t allow this kind of filthy splurge. So, how can Sangat resources be allowed to be drained on the personal show-off of gurdwara
administrators?” S. Sarna asked

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