Contracts signed,Open Acreage Licensing Policy Bid Round-I

Government of India today signed the contracts of the blocks awarded under the Open Acreage Licensing Programme (OALP) Bid Round-Iwith the awardees at New Delhi. The event was presided by Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas & Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, along with Dr. M. M. Kutty, Secretary (P&NG), Dr. V. P. Joy, Director General- Directorate General of Hydrocarbons and other senior officials of the Ministry.

Initially, 110 e-bids were received for 55 blocks on offer with participation from 9 companies, singly or in consortium. Finally, contracts have been signed for all 55 blocks with 6 companies.The details of the contract areas signed is placed at Annexure 1.This will add a huge accretion of 59,282 to the exploration area. This is about 65% of the area presently under exploration in the country. This will lead to significant increase in E&P activities in India and in long run discoveries from these field maysignificantly boost domestic production.

The bid round-I of OALP was launched in January 2018 under the liberalized Hydrocarbon Exploration and Licensing Policy (HELP). It is for the first time that bidding in the E&P sector in India was for blocks that had been selected by bidders themselves with government playing a facilitator role. The OALP bid round-I has received overwhelming enthusiasm from various stakeholders of E&P industry, with all 55 blocks on offer receiving bids and being awarded.

Shri Dharmendra Pradhan congratulated the awardees and assured them of complete support and assistance from the Government. He reiterated the relentless efforts of the government to enhance domestic hydrocarbon production by putting forth new policy initiatives and new offers so that the true potential of Indian sedimentary basins is realized. The Minister said that the Companies have committed investment of about Rs 6000 Crore for exploring under this round. He said there is huge potential in these reserves and their exploration will positively impact the Indian economy. He said that the Government is working in a transparent manner, and policies are being made, after extensive consultation with all stakeholders. Shri Pradhan said that Minimum Government-Maximum Governance is not only a slogan for us, but a guiding principle. He said that India has already become third largest energy consumer in the world and the Government is committed to provide affordable energy to its citizens, and for this purpose, several initiatives have been taken to enhance the production of hydrocarbons.

Annexure 1 – Details of the contracts signed under the OALP Bid Round-I

Winner No of Blocks Block Name States / offshore area Approved Area (
Vedanta Limited 41 AA-ONHP-2017/1 Assam 715
AA-ONHP-2017/11 Assam 785
AA-ONHP-2017/14 Assam & Mizoram 1719
AA-ONHP-2017/15 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 1367
AA-ONHP-2017/2 Arunachal Pradesh 73
AA-ONHP-2017/3 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 268
AA-ONHP-2017/4 Assam 839
AA-ONHP-2017/5 Assam 758
AA-ONHP-2017/6 Tripura 279
AA-ONHP-2017/8 Assam 611
AA-ONHP-2017/9 Assam 18
CB-ONHP-2017/1 Gujarat 1490
CB-ONHP-2017/10 Gujarat & Rajasthan 2766
CB-ONHP-2017/11 Gujarat 70
CB-ONHP-2017/2 Gujarat 317
CB-ONHP-2017/3 Gujarat 83
CB-ONHP-2017/4 Gujarat 95
CB-ONHP-2017/5 Gujarat 990
CB-ONHP-2017/6 Gujarat 19
CB-ONHP-2017/7 Gujarat 1335
CY-OSHP-2017/1 Cauvery Offshore 1794
CY-OSHP-2017/2 Cauvery Offshore 2574
GK-ONHP-2017/1 Gujarat 2690
GK-OSHP-2017/1 Gujarat Kutch Offshore 2960
GS-OSHP-2017/1 Gujarat Saurashtra Offshore 2627
GS-OSHP-2017/2 Gujarat Saurashtra Offshore 674
GV-ONHP-2017/1 Uttar Pradesh 1817
HF-ONHP-2017/1 Himachal Pradesh 666
KG-DWHP-2017/1 KG Offshore 6574
KG-ONHP-2017/1 Andhra Pradesh 2321
KG-ONHP-2017/2 Andhra Pradesh 668
KG-ONHP-2017/3 Andhra Pradesh 49
KG-OSHP-2017/1 KG Offshore 177
MB-OSHP-2017/2 Mumbai Offshore 2690
RJ-ONHP-2017/1 Rajasthan 542
RJ-ONHP-2017/2 Rajasthan 1072
RJ-ONHP-2017/3 Rajasthan & Gujarat 1430
RJ-ONHP-2017/4 Rajasthan 1087
RJ-ONHP-2017/5 Rajasthan 917
RJ-ONHP-2017/6 Rajasthan 925
RJ-ONHP-2017/7 Rajasthan 603
Winner No of Blocks Block Name States / offshore area Approved Area (
Bharat Petro Resources Limited (BPRL) 1 CB-ONHP-2017/9 Gujarat 174
GAIL (India) Limited 1 CB-ONHP-2017/12 Gujarat 212
Hindustan Oil Exploration Company Ltd. (HOEC) 1 AA-ONHP2017/19 Assam 79
Oil India Limited (OIL) 9 AA-ONHP-2017/10 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 543
AA-ONHP-2017/12 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 489
AA-ONHP-2017/13 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 841
AA-ONHP-2017/16 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 361
AA-ONHP-2017/17 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 309
AA-ONHP-2017/18 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 1711
AA-ONHP-2017/20 Assam & Arunachal Pradesh 125
RJ-ONHP-2017/8 Rajasthan 516
RJ-ONHP-2017/9 Rajasthan 3012
ONGC 2 CY-ONHP-2017/1 Tamil Nadu 731
MB-OSHP-2017/1 Mumbai Offshore 725
Total 55 59282


Total No. of Companies PSUs Private Companies
6 4 2
Total No. of Blocks On-land (No. of States) Offshore
Eastern Western Total



46 (10)









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