Is circumcision practice need reform

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Scandinavia, circumcision is a hot topic of debate on religious and children’s rights. In 2013, the Nordic Ombudsmen for Children – from Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway – took steps to halt non-medical circumcisions.

The group released a joint declaration proposing a ban on the practice, although no Nordic country has enacted one yet.

Sweden Democrats Secretary Richard Jomshof put forward the non-binding motion, entitled “Prohibition of non-medical circumcision,” calling for parliament to act on a procedure that the SDP considers “regular abuse of the individual child as well as an infringement of the child’s integrity and self-determination.” A vote on the circumcision motion has not yet been scheduled.

If the motion is approved, the ban would mean that circumcisions could no longer be carried out for religious reasons. Jews perform the procedure on 8-day-old babies, while those of the Muslim faith perform the cut later in childhood.

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