Nano fails, Tata RD?

safe_image (1)Nano Dead – Big Setback to Indian Manufacturing and R&D

October07, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

When Ratan Tata launched ‘Nano’ in Delhi I was there in overcrowded display are.

I managed to reach Nano and gave it a ‘Quality Control Punch’ – it made a dent in it, I was horrified Passengers in the Car could be ‘Dead’ in a Crash from Fronts or Sides most unsafe car on the planet. I couldn’t understand why its ‘Front & Rear Scooter Tires Look Different’ in size – it looked UGLY in shape and Without Air-conditioning, Airbags and uncomfortable seats.

Tata Motors didn’t admit to BLUNDER and instead of SCRAPPING it and introducing STANDARD Small car in JV – it made incremental improvements – that didn’t work.

Smallest tires of Nano means low ground clearance and Least Comfort, but funnily had SUV like High Roof – it was Unstable at speed or high winds. The excuse was that Nano could accommodate 2-3 more people than other small cars.

Most amusing was ‘World’s Top Selling German Cars were displayed Opposite to Nano enclosure. Visitors could see the Best and The Worst Cars under one roof.’

I first offered Technologies to improve ‘TRF Coal-Material Handling Plant in 1975 or 76’ in months, TATAS could have Best Coal-Material Handling Plant in the world.

It is not entirely BAD to introduce Outdated or Defective IMPORTED CHEAP or Second Hand Plant – but not rectifying Mistakes for Decades is gross incompetence.

NDPL was running Electricity Metersfast, registering False Theft Case in Delhi, Set Up Unviable UMPP – failed to establish SOLAR WATER HEATERS & SolarPV leadership.

NDPL Failed to SECURE new Power Distribution license due PUBLIC OPPOSITION Since 2002 though in Power Generation & Distribution business for over 8-9 decades.

Voltas & Rallis are not visible in Consumer Goods segments though India is almost top in population.

Tata Sampann – even SPICES BUSINESS is not able to compete with once Tonga owner led MDH company in spite of Sanjeev Kapoor promoting it.

Tatas was making MERCEDES TRUCKS under collaboration in 1956 – some years down the line ejected MERCEDES – in 1980 when FORD TRUCKS were imported – they ran 50% Faster, Carried 60% more Load and Gave 60% more Mileage per

Tatas failed to acknowledge mistakes,

Tatas failed to do REAL R&D,


Ravinder Singh, Inventor & Consultant, INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND PROJECTS

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