Congress Party, Could Have Won 2014 Easily


October10, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

Congress is world’s most experienced  party – at least since 1989 when couple of Rajiv Gandhi’s own ministers led by VP Singh formed a party of SIX MPs when Congress had around 400 seats in LS – defeated Rajiv Gandhi and formed government at the center.

During UPA-I&II Credit to Farmers & Industry growth was 8 Fold, Property Prices 10-16 Times – Wages 5-8 Times – Yet Congress Lost.  Gadkari admitted it had no chance of winning – Bad Batting & Fielding by Congress.

Since 1984 Elections Congress has not won Majority in Lok Sabha essentially because it didn’t maintain SUSTAINABLE RELATIONS with LIKE MINDED PARTIES & ALLIES.

Narasimha Rao in 1991 and Manmohan Singh in 2004 and 2009 were supported by Parties who contested against them in Elections and Congress had to form government with their partnership – some in the government and some outside.

Even when Manmohan Singh government was supported by other parties Congress was fighting State Elections against them. This is horrendous.

Rahul is totally DUMB – he don’t understand it is not just Political Alliance but alliance of Resources, Workers and Assurance to Voters that they are Surely Going to Rule and people Support WINNERS.

In 2014 when Congress Polled 1,069 Lakh votes, Sustainable Main Allies BSP Polled 229 Lakh Votes, Communists 224 Lakh, AITC 203 lakh, SP 180 lakh, DMK 96 lakhs, NCP 86 lakh, RJD 74 lakh, TRS 67 lakh = 1159 Lakh and Gathbandhan – 2228 lakh much more than BJP vote share of 1717 lakh votes.

All the Congress allies in 2014 could have won 350 Seats. Allies are IMPORTANT AT ALL TIMES but in UP alone Congress led UPA-III is to gain at least 60 Seats – but alliance with SP & BSP at this time would Ensure SWEEP in Rajasthan, MP and Chhatisgarh.

Gadkari reveals why Modi vowed to put Rs.15 lakh in your a/c

Mumbai: Senior BJP member and Union minister for road and surface transport Nitin Gadkari’s comments on a television show aired recently may cause the ruling party much embarrassment, giving ammunition to the opposition to target it for having made “tall promises”.

“We were very confident that we would never come to power, so we were advised to make tall promises,” said Gadkari during the show. “Now that we are in power, the public reminds us of those promises made by us. However, these days, we just laugh and move on.”

The interview was aired on a Marathi channel a few days ago.

Gadkari appears to say on the show that BJP won the polls on the basis of unrealistic promises. Congress was quick to respond, sharing the video clip on Twitter and saying that Gadkari had proved that the BJP government was “built on jumlaas and fake promises”.

All India Congress Committee president Rahul Gandhi also tweeted the video, stating: “You are right. Even the people now started thinking that the government used their aspirations and faith for satisfying party’s needs.”

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