Review: Here is tale of  and the beauty of four times CM Naveen Patnaik, who  is not eloquent in Oriya but play his cards on the contended people of Odisha is such calibrated manner wins friends and people around the state.
The book — “Naveen Patnaik, the first published political biography of
Odisha’s CM” written by Shri Rubin Banerjee, Journalist was launched at India International Centre’s Annexe in the evening on 10 th October 2018. Shri Jay Panda, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha), Shri Rajesh  Mahapatra, Journalist, Shri Rubin Banerjee, the author the book were sitting on the dais.
Neaalry  100  media persons were present there. Shri Jay Panda, M.P., formerly associated with Biju Janta Dal (BJD) Party told that Shri Naveen Patnaik has 59% popularity as per the survey conducted last week by CNN News channel.
Naveen Patnaik’ by Juggernaut publications, Ruben Banerjee looks at Patnaik’s political fast changing shades in span of 15 to 18 years on to hold the reins as CM for four successive terms.
The CM projection from novice to political maverick stance in itself grand journey well studded to read and enjoy with backdrop, Politicians are strange bedfellows.
Shri Jay Panda  expressed concern over the corruption and violence which are rampant in Odisha. He said that BJD split in the year 2012. Many members of BJD have been expelled due to differences with the other party leaders. Shri Panda said that he was physically manhandled by Shri Navin Patnaik in a meeting.
He said that he felt offended when Shri Navin Patnaik did not come to pay homage
when his father passed away though he was a friend of Shri Navin Patnaik.
The eminent speakers said that the condition of Odisha is  deteriorating.
Further Jay panda said, The child mortality rate has increased, unemployment has
also increased in the state. The author said he has mentioned about the
CM and the state both in the book quoting many major developments and
untoward incidents which have happened in Odisha.
Shri Mahapatra,asked questions on the party’s worse position and the capturing of
party by less competent persons as compared to the intellectuals who were
the members of the party.
In the end Shri Rubin Banerjee, Journalist and  author of the book and Shri Jay Panda answered the questions and responded on the suggestions given by the media persons.

Congratulations @Rubenbanerjee for this excellent biography of one of India’s most enigmatic,successful politicians,Naveen Patnaik.

From the roots of BJD to Naveen’s ruthlessness,from his consolidation of power to 2019, the book provides a rare glimpse into Odisha and the leader.>
Vikas Kumar,
Content writer

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