Need for overhauling school curricula in History      


There is urgent need for re-writing Indian History and overhauling its school curriculum. History should be taught to infuse the young minds with strong spirit of nationalism, pride and sacrifice. There should be emphasis on teaching about our unique culture, civilization, philosophy of life and achievements in various fields of knowledge. Out of all great men of Indian history, the greatest of them must be picked out and introduced to the youth persistently as pillars of inspiration for unshakable national sentiment. History is a good teacher to tell about our weaknesses, pitfalls and mistakes which led to success of invaders and domination over this land for a long period and see that these are not repeated. Our history books need to be written from Indian angle, not from the angle of invaders. From Muslim era onward, it should highlight our great warriors, freedom fighters who resisted the foreign yoke, rather than glorify the invaders in a way as written by fanatic, biased sources whose narrations, if read between the lines, are nothing more than historical novels. Above all, Hindu sources have seldom been taken into account particularly while writing about medieval India onward.


At present the current curriculum does not meet any of these aims. The entire Hindu period, ancient to 1000 AD, is covered in class VI. In VII, they teach Muslim period and in VIII, modern period. In higher classes in history, there is too much emphasis on world history, world civilizations and political movements like colonialism, fascism, democracy etc. The entire curriculum has been designed by NCERT from leftist outlook as the History Department had all along been controlled by left-leaning scholars. I have gone through the aims and objectives of history as enunciated by NCERT and dare say that even a university professor cannot cover the history syllabus in these classes very effectively except by just narrating what is in text books, what to speak of regular teachers; so varied are the topics. It has nothing to inculcate a sense of nationalism. It is a hotchpotch covering lot of unnecessary material to burden the young minds.


Moreover, many facts narrated in text books, even in their sources, are basically wrong. For example, Egyptian civilization is older than Indian civilization. Vedic Civilization is just about 1500 BC old whereas Mahabharata War was fought in 3139 BC, Ramayana period was much older and nobody knows exactly how old are the Vedas. Porus was victorious, not Alexander, so-called Qutab Minar was not constructed by Qutub-ud Din Aibak; he and his successor only had line of slabs bearing Sanskrit text replaced by Quran verses. It was originally 7-storey high and had a big brass Sun-dial at the top floor used by great astronomer Varah Mihar for his observations. Mohammad Tughlak had ordered the entire population of Delhi to shift to his new capital of Devgiri (modern Daulatabad) at point of death. It is said that for that he constructed a good long road with shady trees on both sides, built necessary buildings for occupation of royal family, officials and for the people; made all arrangements for transportation of the huge population on long journey to Devgiri. All historians are mentioning these in detail. In fact, there is a gap of one and a half years between his accession and his order to shift the capital. Imagine if all the activities mentioned by great authors are possible within such a short time even with the latest technology. None tried to find if there are some ruins of buildings constructed by him at Devgiri to ascertain the veracity of what is assigned to Mohd Tughlak, a sanguinary ruler who enjoyed to see perishing of people..

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