Barmak confirmed 192 security incidents

Sagar media inc:UK ambassador to Afghanistan Sir Nicholas Kay visits a polling station in Kabul where he chats with IEC official,

“we leave for work & are never sure we’ll come home alive .. but we’re staying “ ⁩ Soorya Azizi Muqadasa Yourish


Today, have turned out to vote for their favorite parliamentary candidates, who competitively campaigned recently, pledging to fight for poverty reduction, job creation, corruption elimination, as well as defying & in defense of .!

Afghanistan’s Interior Minister Wais Barmak confirmed that 192 security incidents had taken place across the nation on the day of parliamentary polling, Taliban promises to disrupt polls but people choice democracy their presence to vote.

Multiple blasts have rocked polling centers across Afghanistan, marring parliamentary elections that are taking place on Saturday. At least 28 police personnel and civilians were killed and 100 injured, Interior Minister Wais Barmak told TOLOnews. All in all, nearly 200 security incidents, including grenade explosions, took place across the country.

Quite interesting tweets, More women voters candidates to bring democracy in track.Making it count : 8,000,000 registered voters 54,000 security forces 5,100 polling centers open 2,500 candidates 417 women candidates 250 parliament seats to fill 32 provinces 1 Afghanistan

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