Rahul Campaign lacks

20181014_182210Rahul’s MISFIRED Campaign No Alliance Manifesto, 1-2 Loss   

October23, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh progressindia2015@gmail.com


Rahul’s campaign in ‘Three Major States has MISFIRED’ – as per Opinion Polls is likely to win One & lose Two.


Rajasthan is likely to vote for Congress but as nominations are filed and other Parties Field Candidates including disgruntled Congress workers –Win Margins will narrow down and outcome shall be loss for Congress in MP & Chhatisgarh and narrow win Rajasthan.


Congress Policy to ‘Fight Elections AGAINST All Like Minded Parties & Seek Their Support After Elections’ had let Congress Down since 1984 when it had Clear Majority.


Rahul-Congress seems to be happy with Third Division Score – 33% Win in One of Three major states than Distinction with 100% Win Score.


Public Anger is directed against BJP but it is well aligned with Local Leaders all over India – Congress has no alliance anywhere so far. Possibility of Winning Lok Sabha 2019 is not bright WHEN CONGRESS HAS A MINDSET to Fight with A-Z in politics.


All Congress has to show in three States are Migratory Birds – Sachin Pilot, Kamal Nath and J. Scindia all Migratory birds based in Delhi – appear in states at election time.


These Birds have very little idea of Local Problems.


It was the Congress who was to Come Up with Election Manifesto in all Three States.


All his Campaign so far this years isCentered Around two three issues Defence Deals, Demonetisation, GST and missed out on Critical Local issues.


When Ruling Party is Acquiring Congress Icons – Dr. Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Subash Bose, even Lal Bahadur Shastri Rahul can’t defend his own elders.   


Learnings from Past Congress Bungling


Rajiv Gandhi in 1989 Polled 39.53 Votes which was 20% more than Congress Lowest Vote Share in 2014 andVP Singh with 17% votes and 143 Seats formed the government. In 1991Congress polled 35.66% Votes [VP Singh 11.77%] but could win just 244 Seats Narasimha Rao formed government with support of other parties.


Congress vote share continued to decline – 28.8% in 1996, Vajpayee formed the Government with just 20.29%% vote share and Narasimha Rao led Congress polled 28.8% Votes [Lalu Yadav 8.08%], 1998, Vajpayee increased vote share to 25.59% [Congress 26.14%] again formed the Government, in 1999Vajpayee Polled just 23.75% Votes formed stable NDA government to Congress 28.3%.  


For Three Decades SMART LEADERS with just 17% Votes Could become Prime Minister but Un-Smart Party Congress with 35.66% Votes in 1991 depended on alliances.

Ex Congressmen VP Singh, Chandershekhar, Gujaral were PM with Alliance.


Innovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & Technologies 

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