DMRC pink Line pathetic


DMRC Pink Line Operates @ Pathetic 1% Capacity Factor

October25, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh


Even as Pink Line of DMRC has turned out to be a Commercial Disaster operating at 1% capacity factor at peak time – this evening I travelled fromDelhi Cantt to Green Park in 40 minutes – 5PM to 5:40PM. At 5:10 OM when train arrived I look around to find I was only commuter at the Platform – but just before train stopped two more passengers arrived, train originated about 12 km and Delhi Cantt was 12th Station.


Even though Pink Line & Yellow Line at Crossing and Inter-Change may be just few meters apart the Changeover was more than 600m to 800m involved going up & down in elevators. Interchange at Dhaula Kuan is over 1 km long for example will not attract commuters who are in a hurry always.  


It was shocking DMRC was operating at 10 minute frequency at peak time whereas capable of 2m frequency. Against 250-300 Per Coach capacity, there were barely 15-40 passengers in each coach – much less average of 10 or less passengers all day average in each coach. This is perhaps not even 1% capacity factor.


Though 19 of 38 Pink Line stations are operational Mach14, 2018 and August06, 2018 but Poor Accessibility, Connectivity & Interchange is not likely to improve the Capacity to Commercial success any time.


Fare from Delhi Cantt to my home was Rs.30+30 for Metro & Auto, Ride to Delhi Cantt was free – autos Charge Rs.40 – cost Rs.100.  Direct from Taj Hotel to Home cost Rs.80 is faster too.


Ridership of DMRC will fall when 79 Traffic Delhi Choke Points are cleared. Every home on average has 2-3 vehicles. Cars and Two-wheelers are Cheaper – ELECTRIC VEHICLES even cheaper to operate and a Person going or returning form work can stop at Shops or Home of Friends.


Idea of RAPID RAIL is even more PATHETIC – Delhi to Merut journey may cost Rs.200 one way – Fare for Similar distance is Rs.20. Even less for Monthly Railway pass per day.


It is better to run AC EMUs instead.


Innovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & Technologies 

By Naresh Sagar

Mentor MSME, Motivator, Media Event Org, Management fiscal & Water management.Social Media branding,Internet broadcasters,Propunder of Indian Philosophy

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