India Construction Festival – $2T Great verses Risky Projects

October25, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh ravindersingh@gmail.com

Great projects make India great – Risky projects make India weak. India is building Capital Intensive Projects With Proper Study & Planning. Delhi Metro New Lines have neither Proper Interconnectivity With Own Lines Nor With Other Transport Systems and are not even Operating at 5% Capacity.



When two years ago Delhi-Katra Expressway was announced we expected it to be ready by the end of this year – IT WAS GREAT PROJECT TO BENEFIT 10 CRORE PEOPLE THAT DIDN’T TAKE OFF. On this route speed of trains and Buses is 42kmph to 55 kmph.

Delhi Mumbai New Expressway was taken up when National Highway, Expressway, Fast Railway Line, Freight Corridor are already built or almost ready.


India in the recent past have built few Great Projects, None Like Bhakra Dam or Delhi Airport, Taj Hotels – now we talk of NPAs, many major projects under Bankruptcy Code.

Way back in 1975 I offered technologies to TATA to improve TRF Material Handling Plant – Water Technologies, Irrigation Technologies, Energy Saving Technologies etc.


TATA alone could have been $Trillion Global Company. In Energy Sector alone TATA was expected to make $200b Contribution.

Founded in 1903 TATA STEEL including CORUS – is worth $9b only.

Tatas Flopped in world’s fastest growing Telecom Sector after Biotech.

Power Sector my special interest – TATA Power founded in 1915 is reduced to just $2b level. Birlas, Reliance, Shriram, ISGEC, Raunaq Group etc were not interested in R&D but they in fact advised GOI against strengthening IPR & Patent Regime.

Construction Industry had opportunities recently to build great projects –

Ø 60,000 MWp Nuclear Projects,

Ø 200,000 MW Multipurpose Dams-Hydro Power,

Ø 20,000 Kilometer High Speed Railways,

Ø 5m Luxury Homes, 50m Affordable Homes,

Ø 20,000 Expressway,

Ø 0.1m Factories,

Ø 500,000 MW Solar Power,

Ø 50,000 Wind Power,

Ø 100,000 Kilometer State Highways,

Ø Sewer Lines in Villages, Towns and Cities for over 1000m Indians,

Ø Offices, Schools, Colleges, Energy Efficiency,

Ø O&M of all existing structures.


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