States are leading the way — let’s help them right now

Naresh —

Democrats have spent the last two years connecting with voters, defining the stakes, and coming together to create lasting change that capitalizes on our momentum and helps strengthen our institutions for decades to come. Because of this incredible work, we’ve flipped 44 seats from red to blue across the country since 2017.

But we still have so much opportunity ahead of us — in 2018 alone nearly 800 state legislators will be elected. State legislature races are also a great way to make an impact as an activist. The budgets and walk lists are smaller than those of congressional races, so you can move the needle with a few volunteer hours or donations.

There are many organizations doing great work in the states, but I’d like to highlight three in particular—including two groups that Onward Together is proud to work with!

Volunteer with Flippable
States write the rules of our elections—including national ones. States pass policies that impact our lives and states prepare leaders to run for national office. The people we elect to state House and state Senate wield tremendous political power. From drawing district maps to deciding who gets access to Medicaid, state representatives have the power to make—or break—our democracy. Flippable works to maximize our impact by aiming to flip whole chambers (e.g. a state’s Senate or House), not just individual seats. They focus on states with the worst gerrymandering and voter suppression, because these states have the biggest effect on national politics. In 2018, they’re targeting Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Wisconsin, Texas, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Michigan, Arizona, & North Carolina.

Volunteer with Sister District
Sister District works to ensure that all Americans have equal representation and our government works for all people, not just the current minority in power. They organize volunteers into local teams based on where they live, and “sister” this deep blue energy with swing districts across the country to support strategic state races that matter. Sister District has a strategic, targeted focus on critical down-ballot, state races that—if we win—will make it easier to win national elections. Want to get involved? First, sign up! Then, Sister District will connect you with your home team. You’ll work together with your local team to fundraise, phone bank, postcard, text bank and, if you can, travel to the Sister Race community to knock on doors and get out the vote.

Volunteer with the DLCC
For over two decades, the DLCC has been working with state legislative leaders to invest strategically in state programs, which has led to Democrats flipping 44 seats since Trump’s inauguration. The DLCC is building on Democrats’ winning momentum and continues to lay the groundwork for substantial gains in 2018 in statehouses nationwide. The DLCC will continue to partner with state caucuses and legislative leaders to recruit and train strong Democratic candidates to run in legislative districts around the country. The DLCC provides comprehensive resources that state Democrats need, including campaign expertise, a network of state leaders, access to data, field operations, and whatever else it takes to win.

So many of the campaigns we see or read about in the news are national — and while those are incredibly important, we can’t forget about the importance of state races. In these final few weeks before Election Day, the time you give in your local community to help elect Democratic leaders to state legislature could be the final push that makes the difference in efforts to flip these seats to blue.



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