LGBT parade held in Taiwan

More than 130 Ks  people marched on the streets of Taipei, calling for equal rights for LGBT people.The largest event of its kind in Asia is held every year in Taiwan’s capital.

About 137,000 people from Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, the United States and elsewhere gathered for the 16th annual parade. Participants held rainbow flags that symbolize sexual diversity, and called for elimination of discrimination.

Taiwan’s Constitutional Court ruled last year that same-sex marriage must be legalized. But conservative opposition has kept it from happening. Referendums will be held next month to decide whether civil law should be changed to allow same-sex marriage.

A 22-year-old participant said everyone has the right to love people, and that Taiwan should become a society where LGBT people are not treated unfairly or seen differently.

A Chinese student living in Hong Kong says he took part for the first time and thinks the event is great.

He said he hopes Taiwan’s movement will have a positive influence in other countries, including mainland China.

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