Stefan surrender to Speaker


Riksdag, the speaker to hammer out difference with group meeting to make way to unbolt jinx in formation of government.

Stefan Löfven, of the Social Democrat party, said on Monday morning that based on what the different parties have said to him, it was not possible for him to get the support he needs.

Löfven is currently leading a transitional government but hopes to also lead the new govenment after September’s election result. He had previously hoped to get support from the Center and Liberal parties, but they have said that they want him to be a supporter for the entire centre-right Alliance. Löfven repeated on Monday that he wants to remain as Prime Minister.

The leader of the biggest opposition party, Ulf Kristersson, has already tried and failed to form a potential government.

Later on Monday, we will know who the Speaker has picked next to offer the chance to try to form a government.

The Riksdag is split after the election, with neither of the traditional left or right blocs big enough to form a majority, and with the Sweden Democrats big enough to vote


Input Radio Sweden

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