Typhoon Yutu hit Luzon Island

The officials in the Philippines say Typhoon Yutu made landfall in the northern Luzon Island on Tuesday morning. Local authorities are urging residents to stay on alert for possible flooding and mudslides. Category 2/3 storm with 100mph sustained winds are detected. Mercy Relief is closely monitoring the situation.

Japan’s Meteorological Agency says that as of 9 AM, Japan time, Yutu was moving west at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

The typhoon has a central atmospheric pressure of 970 hectopascals with winds of up to 126 kilometers per hour near its center. The maximum wind speed is 180 kilometers an hour.More than 10,000 villagers moved to safety in the Philippines’ northern provinces before Yutu hit. The typhoon slammed into Dinapigue town in northeastern Isabela province before dawn Tuesday with sustained winds of 150 kph (93mph) and gusts of up to 210kph (130mph). It knocked down trees and power posts and ripped roofs off small houses. There were no immediate reports of casualties. Forecasters say Yutu slightly weakened after landfall and was expected to blow out of the northern Philippines later Tuesday after barging westward across provinces that were damaged by Typhoon Mangkhut in mid-September. Yutu hit the Philippines after tearing through the US Pacific territory of the Northern Mariana Islands, where it destroyed homes and delayed elections.

The agency forecasts the typhoon will move into the South China Sea in the evening and then likely change direction to the north, approaching southern China on Friday.

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