India Economy 10Tn$


Counterfeit Products & Patents $10 Trillion Yearly GDP Issue

November02, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

I have been attending FICCI events since 1990, MASCARADE 2018 was the best in terms of exploring weaknesses in Indian Economy. Apart from International Participation and Enforcement wings of India – the valedictory session brought togetherThree Kohinoors of Indian Judiciary, who performed their Constitutional Functions with total Dedication and Perfection.   –

When in 2005 Justice Sikri and Justice Manmohan Sarin were protecting the Honor of Men & Woman of Delhi Under Assault by greedy corporates – Running Electricity Meters Fast By manipulating General Electric Patented technology and Raising FAKE Theft cases against Domestic Consumers by not considering Load Factor in Energy consumption Calculations which is 10% to 15% – Invading their homes ILLEGALLY – I was doing Field Work for 6 months in door to door campaign and educating consumers about ‘Test Check Of Their Meters’ TV Reporting.

Manmohan Singh, IPR Tribunal head presentation was 100% Correct while most presentations from India Law Enforcement were barely 10 out of 100 when he said that ‘Late Grant of Patents in many countries allow COUNTERFEITERS FREE ACCESS TO MOST OF THE WORLD MARKET.’

With months of General Electric Patent PUBLISHING – Electric Meters with manipulated SOFTWARE were Introduced in millions in Delhi. [Description Annexed]

Tata Power & Reliance Power both almost 100 years old had Market Cap of $40b ten years ago are Almost BANKRUPT when expected to $100b each operating worldwide.

What hurt India the most is CSIR, IITs, and Companies Secure Counterfeit PCT PATENTS all over the world while Genuine Patents are Either Not Protected or Delayed by years.

Sam Pitroda in a recent Counterfeit PCT Patent WO 2007/044500 made 2346 Claims on objection reduced it to 24. He advised Congress and GoI on Patent Policy.

IITK Prof Ashutosh Sharma secured Counterfeit Patents US 9540546 and US 9527730 and scoresMixture of Adhesivesand Reusable Adhesive – neither Inventive nor even more Important COMMERCIAL VALUE.

Cadila ‘APIXABAN US Patent 9603846’ priority date of November25, 2014 was 121st Patent for the same Product invented by Bristal Mayers USP 6967208 has priority date Sept21, 2001.


Back in 1974 I was responsible for QUALITY CONTROL at BST – Owned by one of the Past President of FICCI – Every Product BST purchased was subjected to Quality Control.

India imports $300b of manufactured products has no ‘Quality Control’ at Customs.

In 1976 was made in charge ‘Security of CPWD at its Largest Store’ within a second of Taking Over I was in COMPLETE Control – Insisted that Quality of Incoming and Outgoing Products must be as Per Standards – Routinely OVER RULED NATIONAL QUALITY STANDARD INSTITUTION ISI & NATIONAL PROCUREMENT AGENCY DGS&D.

Indian Customs allows IMPORTS of $300b without Quality Checks but Indian Exports of $300b are Subjected to Most Advanced QUALITY CHECKS including DNA testing of Food Products.



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