Sweden’s next PM Ulf Kristersson

Speaker Andreas Norlén has announced a vote in Parliament regarding Sweden’s next PM on Wednesday 14 November. Norlén told reporters he would put the Moderate Party (M) leader Ulf Kristersson forward as the main candidate on Monday.

Sweden's Moderates leader Ulf Kristersson to be proposed as PM

“The process must move forward, the conversations without results have to come to an end”, he stated.

Jimmie Åkesson, the leader of the anti-migration Sweden Democrats, is pleased that the Parliament will vote on Ulf Kristersson as Prime Minister.

However, SD will not vote in favour of the Moderate Party leader unless they get guarantees regarding the policy that will be taken.

Åkesson would prefer the M leader to have real conversations with SD this time, which, however, is not probable. He is therefore content with the “guarantees” being stated in other ways.

According to Kristersson, Sweden functions excellently, despite the fact that the country has no government at the moment.

He pointed out, however, that the many shootings recently are a “brutal reminder” that Sweden needs a government to address the problems that exist.

He says immigration must continue at the rate possible after an evaluation. However, he wants to solve the migration issue with the Social Democrats and not with SD.

The Bilderberg’s choice for PM – Centre Party leader Annie Lööf, confirms that she suggested a government supported by the Green Party. However, that proposal was halted by M and the Christian Democrats.

But even if SD were to vote in favour of Kristersson, it is far from certain that it will result in a new government. All parties have ensured a “no” to a government which in any way needs support from SD.

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