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43452099_1436807493130950_4094782774458712064_nForeign NGOs or Clean-Tech, Source Clean Food, Air & Water

November10, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

GoI and States instead of Engaging‘Chief Technical Officer’ adopt ‘Hit & Trial Methods’ to address critical problems. Environment Secretary CK Mishra is now trying to engage World Bank, GIZ, ADB and Bloomberg Philanthropies. We have to read just few pages of World Energy Stats to conclude that India is not DEVELOPING CLEAN ENERGY.

India contributed 1,365 million tons or 4.5% of Global CO2 Emissions 30,078mt in 2007. In 2017 figures are 2,344mt or 7% out of 33,444mt – When World CO2 Emissions grew by 11% Indian Emissions grew by 72% or SEVEN TIMES FASTER.

ü 92% of Primary Energy consumption in India is derived from Polluting Fossil Fuels – Coal, Oil, Gas and there Imports are around $1500b to $2000b since 2000.

ü There was Enough Money to SWITCH to CLEANER OPTIONS – 1. Energy Efficiency, 2. Hydro Power, 3. Nuclear Power, 4. Solar Water Heaters, SolarPV, 5. Wind, 6. Bio-Thermal Power, 7. Energy Saving Technologies, 8. Canal Irrigation, 9. Railways, 10. Electric Transport, 11. Crop Harvesting Storage & Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Delivery, 12. Local Production of Crops & Food Production.

2007-17 10 Yrs BP Data all in Oil Equivalent Energy Terms

Ø World Primary Energy consumption grew by 17%, India registered 67% growth, 450.4mtoe to 753.7mtoe.

Ø World Power generation grew 27% from 20046 BU to 25551 BU – India contribution was 796 BU to 1497 BU or 88% growth.

Ø When Global Oil Consumption increased 12.7% from 87.1m BPD to 98.2m BPD – Indian consumption grew 62% from 2.9m BPD to 4.7m BPD.

Ø But India’s Natural Gas consumption growth was 50% – only 1.5% of the World in 2017 which is cleaner than Oil & Coal. BUT NO GROWTH IN NATURAL GAS PRODUCTION – RIL & GSPC BUNGLING.

Ø India’s Coal Consumption increased from 240mtoe to 424 mtoe or77% but production increase was slower 210mtoe to 298mtoe. Global growth only 8.1%.

Ø Nuclear Energy contribution grew from 4mtoe to 8.5mtoe [1% of Primary Energy]

Ø Hydro Power generation grew from 27.7mtoe to 30.7mtoe [4% of Primary Energy].

Ø Renewables generation grew from 4.3mtoe to 21.8mtoe [3% of Primary Energy]

CK Mishra in his LAME DUCK Speech has no idea, due to his ‘Bogus Basic Qualifications’, THERE ARE OVER 100 FOREIGN AID & TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AGENCIES WORKING IN INDIA – NOT JUST World Bank, GIZ or GTZ, ADB and Bloomberg are OPERATING IN INDIA for 50-60 years.

USAID in 1990 for example funded RENEWABLE ENERGY ENTREPRENUERSHIP DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM with IIT & IREDA Partnership. I was trained in that Group, earlier in 1976 I was TRAINED by CPWD in Public Services.


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