Naresh –Your help is needed in the Georgia runoff


Naresh —

In less than three weeks, Georgians will head back to the polls to vote in a runoff election for their next Secretary of State — the exact position from which Brian Kemp removed 1.4 million voters from the registration rolls and refused to register 53,000 voters. Democratic candidate John Barrow needs your help if he’s going to win and make critical changes to voting in Georgia.

Real change across the country cannot happen until everyone has not only an equal right to vote, but an equal opportunity to do so. Chip in to support John’s campaign today.

John has vowed to:

  • Put an end to the arbitrary closing by the Secretary of State of polling places in minority communities
  • Allow newly naturalized US citizens to vote, as the Secretary of State refused to do
  • Ensure that everyone entitled to vote in Georgia can do so!

But he only has until December 4th to reach voters across the state. Please help John by making a contribution to his runoff campaign:

Donate now

Thank you,

Onward Together

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