B-School Excellence Then & Now – Seek 50 Patents or MBA



B-School Excellence Then & Now – Seek 50 Patents or MBA

November20, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh ravindersinvent@gmail.com

BW organized great event ‘Business School Excellence Conclave’ and discussed present and future ofBusiness School Market situation.

WIPO Awarded Inventor have 360 Degree Technical Skills & Application – RIL was offered to promote100K Technologies for the World. TATA POWER & BSES where cheating Consumers in Delhi, Led Campaign against them and in the process Created Highest TRP Rating News Story ‘Meter Ki Mar’ about how to Test Check Fast Running Meters. When in 1980 ‘Government Actively Considered Garland Canal Project, or BRT in 2008 was to be launched responded against both – BRT Ka Kanta was adopted by other channels also’ – Indira Gandhi shelved it in minutes, but Prabhu in 2002-03 went about proposing 16 similar Long Canal projects, Shiela Dikshit let BRT Choke traffic in Delhi.

Proposed Better Options in matters of India-Pakistan disputes – Campaigned for $500b a year SAARC Initiative to Develop Water, Power, Flood Management & Oil & Pipelines – Starting with Indus Treaty.

‘If India builds 20 BCM storage capacity in Kashmir – Pakistan will get 30 BCM of additional Controlled water Supply FREE, Pakistan Hydro Generation will increase by 30% FREE, Pakistan will get Flood Protection to 10 million hectares land FREE, Silt will be detained in Dams in Kashmir FREE, Pakistan will get Clean Blue water FREE– Life of Fast Silting Pakistan Dams may get 200 years Life Extension FREE – Pakistan has inadequate storage May Get Massive Floods in future.’

Business Schools were in ‘Great Demand’ because ‘Engineers Were Taught Theory & Practical and basic idea of Locating Industries, Labor Relations and Pricing & Profitability’ but left out Government Procedures, Marketing, Financing, Taxation & Accounts which were equally important.

Japanese had evolved ‘Sogo Shosha’ to ‘Fund and Market New Products of SMEs Industries around the World and Bid GLOBAL Projects on behalf a Group Associates’.

India didn’t have this arrangement and initially when I started inventing had to seek NRDC and Indian Oil support for Funds, Patents and Marketing, but Corrupted Companies. I started ‘filing Patents after four years of Industry Experience in Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality Control & Standards’, SECURING PATENTS WAS FIRST PRIORITY.

When I was to choose MBA or 50 Patents – I preferred the 50 Patents.


In 1986 US visit when IBM & others had discontinued procurement of Floppy Drives from Sirjang Lal Tondon’s $billion TANDON Corporation – I wanted him to come to India and Make India great – 99% of the World’s Patents are not registered in India. He was invited by Rajiv Gandhi to set up Computer Manufacturing Factory earlier and backed out.

Every Engineer be introduced to Basic Business Skills as Part of Engineering Course


Innovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & Technologies 

Y-77, Hauz Khas, New, Delhi-110016, India. Ph: 8826415770, 9871056471, 9871711430

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