Irrational -TV Mohandas Pai in CA, 50% Growth or 900%


November21, 2018 (C) Ravinder Singh

Just before I was preparing to write about ‘Scindia’ – YouTube recommended TV Mohandas Pai led talk onDigital Economy in Berkeley CA was total nonsense. In a month I was 642 viewer in 30 days.

After watching ad of Saubhagaya Scheme of GoI to electrify every yet to be electrified home, was thinking of writing about how Jyotiraditya Scindia could have done it in 2009 onwards when he was minister ofCommerce & Industry including IPR, in 2008 he was in Communication and IT ministry but Stanford MBA & Harvard BA degrees means nothing when you don’t have basic education.

He was in charge of Ministry of Power in 2012 when I had report ‘Large Number of Power Plants Were Shut Down and Power Shortages’ a fortnight before over 700m Indian experienced World Record Power Breakdown. Since 1990 had proposed Energy Efficiency & Power Technologies to Minimize Technical Losses in Power Distribution, yet to implemented. Campaigning against Exploitation of Consumers byBRPL, BYPL & NDPL since 2002 – including UNITERRUPTED Power Supply, Specifically Offered him Technologies to Ensure UNINTERRUPTED Power in Delhi and most cities.

Jyotiraditya Scindia was ZERO in IPR, Industry, and Power sectors. But he could be Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

TV Mohandas Pai, heads Manipal University, is different Running Largest Business & Engineering Institutions for 50+ years – Has yet to Secure a Good Patent or Developed a Commercial Technology – TALK NONSENSE.  –

He stated India’s GDP was $275b in 1991 and $2.6trillion in 2017-18 which he stated growth was 8.7% a year – 900% growth presently but India’s Contribution to World GDP increased from 2% to 3% or real growth of 50% but in in this period population too increased from 845m to 1350m or 60% increase when World Population increased by 40%. Wealth distribution worsened – 1% Indians own 51.5% Wealth, [1% Korea 25.7%] Relative to the world INDIA ACHIEVED NOTHING.

India rank 12th in Global Wealth in 2018, same rank as in 2010. 11th ranked South Korea was $603b ahead of India in 2010, $1124b in 2015 and $1135b in 2018.

41m Korean Adults Create More Wealth than 850m Indian adults.

Since DIGITAL INDIA STARTED – Between 2010 to 2018, when Global Wealth grew by $83 Trillion India’s Contribution was just $1.7 Trillion or just 2%.


Digital India was INEFFECTIVE didn’t CREATE WEALTH for India. It sucked up resources but promised gains didn’t materialized.  


Innovative Energy, Power, Transport, Water, Smart Cities, Manufacturing, IT, Agro Projects & Technologies 

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